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demonllama1: Educated Differences [1/13]
‘Hi there,’ Jim said with a smile as the two boys turned toward him with friendly smiles. ‘I’m Jim, Jim Kirk, I’m living next door.’ Jim indicated with his thumb which wall they shared.

‘Pavel Chekov, from Russia,’ Chekov said, pushing his curly hair away from his face and he smiled openly at Jim.

‘International student, awesome,’ Jim said, shaking his hand with a smile before turning to the other occupant.

‘I’m Sulu,’ Sulu said, reaching across his bed to shake Jim’s hand.

‘Nice to meet you guys,’ Jim said, casually looking around their room.

‘Who is your roommate?’ Sulu asked, taking some books out of a box by his desk.

‘Spock… I don’t know if that’s his last or first name,’ Jim said with a shrug, putting his hands in his pockets.

Sulu and Chekov exchanged a look. ‘He the one with the bowl cut?’ Sulu asked.

‘Yeah,’ Jim said.

‘He told us off earlier for leaving some of our boxes in the hallway. Apparently it’s a breach of fire safety rules or something,’ Sulu said, giving Jim a sympathetic look. ‘Bad luck, man.’
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  kirk&mccoy  civilians  college  roommates  dating  taking-it-slow  firsttimes  gaila  jealousy  breakup  meet-the-family  xmas 
2 days ago by runpunkrun
Education Week
Is STEM Oversold as a Path to Better Jobs?
math  college  education  STEM  science 
6 days ago by patrix
College football blowouts
Details of the disgusting greed that drives stupidly overmatched football games
football  sports  corruption  injury  college  tootme 
6 days ago by nelson

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