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take a chance on me
"Right. I’ll just go up to him and ask him if he wants to go on a date and maybe also spend the rest of his life with me," Stiles snarks. “‘Cause that’ll go over so well."

"Hold on, you wanna spend the rest of your life with him?" Scott gapes at him and hits his shins with a pillow. "Stiles, you didn’t tell me you were in this deep!"

“‘s not like it matters,” Stiles mumbles. “I’m just one face in a lecture room with sixty students, he barely even knows I exist.”

Lydia snorts. “Oh, trust me, honey, he’s noticed you.”
fic  au  teen.wolf  derek/stiles  college 
6 days ago by allieyy
How Berea College Makes Tuition Free with its Endowment - The Atlantic
Bera College was 50% black 50% white, until the state passed a law making that illegal. Also, since early days (and still today) they do not charge tuition, surviving off their endowment.
college  race  via:HackerNews 
6 days ago by mcherm

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