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What to do, though, when students "left to sink or swim" are in the shallow end, thanks to gra…
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Don't Look Me In The Eye - EtoileGarden - Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater [Archive of Our Own]
Ronan is a sullen art student who is maybe on the verge of failing out of university. His teacher doesn't want him to, suggests he takes up a new class. There's a ridiculously good looking person in this new class, and that irritates Ronan.
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The Magic of Education - Econlib
If professors don’t teach a lot of job skills, don’t teach their students how to think, and don’t instill constructive work habits, why do employers so heavily reward educational success?  The best answer comes straight out of the ivory tower itself.  It’s called the signaling model of education – the subject of my book in progress, The Case Against Education. 

According to the signaling model, employers reward educational success because of what it shows (“signals”) about the student.  Good students tend to be smart, hard-working, and conformist – three crucial traits for almost any job.  When a student excels in school, then, employers correctly infer that he’s likely to be a good worker.  What precisely did he study?  What did he learn how to do?  Mere details.  As long as you were a good student, employers surmise that you’ll quickly learn what you need to know on the job."
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RT : As written applications become obsolete and online becomes the norm, high schoolers with limited internet…
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From Tennessee to Chicago, Free College Programs Take Off - WSJ
There are now more than 300 such programs in 44 states, more than 120 of which were launched from 2015 to 2017
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