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Palmyra Atoll
A piece of US land with unusual jurisdiction
america  colonialism  polynesia  island  tootme 
11 days ago by nelson
The Black must be discharged!
Sep 09, 2018 | Kaieteur News | Columnists, Ronald Sanders 0 Comments
Caribbean  justice_system  colonialism  slavery 
13 days ago by jerryking
The Great Chinese Art Heist | GQ
Liu seems ambivalent toward the plight of burgled museums, especially a place like the Fontainebleau, which he says holds more looted Chinese art than any other institution on earth and advertises the collection's origins as plunder from the sacking of the Old Summer Palace. “Displaying these objects in European museums is like a theft itself—they're just showing it off without concern,” Liu said. 
china  art  crime  colonialism  repatriation 
20 days ago by evilsofa
The carnage cabaret: Tate's high-octane tribute to Africa's forgotten war dead | Art and design | The Guardian
Ten times more porters than soldiers died in Africa during the first world war. But they have never been properly commemorated. Now Tate Modern is putting this right – with William Kentridge’s most eye-popping show yet
art  artist  political  britishempire  colonialism 
20 days ago by SarahHolyfield
Christian Slavery - Bad News About Christianity
When the Roman Empire became Christian under the Emperor Constantine, the institution of slavery remained unaltered, except for superficial changes. For example, ceremonies of manumission were transferred from temples to Christian Churches, and places of sanctuary were restricted to Christian sites.

Church Fathers instructed the faithful not to let slaves get above themselves, and the Church endorsed Saint Augustine's view that slavery was ordained by God as a punishment for sin3. Augustine called on the free to give thanks because Christ and his Church did not make slaves free, but rather made bad slaves into good slaves. St. Augustine teaching that the institution of slavery derives from God and is beneficial to both slaves and masters would be cited by many later Popes as evidence, indeed proof, of the acceptability of slavery. It was an integral part of the Christian "Tradition" one of the main sources of authority in the Church.
Christian  slavery  colonialism  Violence_y_Power  state  Power_in_America  Trump 
21 days ago by Jibarosoy
There’s an imperial elephant in the room: China | This Week In Asia | South China Morning Post
There’s nothing like a full-blown academic controversy to expose the blinkered self-absorption of much contemporary scholarly debate.

In September, former Hong Kong-based journalist Bruce Gilley, now an associate professor of political science at Portland State University in Oregon, dared to publish a paper in a peer-reviewed journal suggesting that Western colonialism may not always and everywhere have been an entirely bad thing, and that its history may hold important lessons for developing countries today.
history  colonialism  china 
23 days ago by since1968
Professor's 'bring back colonialism' call sparks fury and academic freedom debate | The Independent
A senior academic has provoked storms of protest by calling for the return of colonialism – first from critics of his ideas, then from free speech advocates after his article was withdrawn due to threats of violence against the journal editor who published it.
colonialism  history 
23 days ago by since1968

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