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4 Major Benefits Of Mobile Column Lifts
Shop owners and managers all over the country are investing in mobile column lifts for various reasons, including to expand their business and increase their services. Learn about four major benefits of mobile column lifts:
columns  equipment  technicians 
9 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Multi-column manipulation
Despite predating both Grid and Flexbox, Multi-column Layout represents—at least to me—an even more radical departure from the way we normally do and think about CSS layout. Dividing just one element into a multi-column representation of its contents feels weird, heretical even.
fridayfrontend  multicol  layout  columns 
11 weeks ago by spaceninja
Guides - The New York Times
Discover our new series of how-to guides created just for subscribers. Each month our journalists share practical ways to live a more inspired life — including advice on getting involved in politics, reading more richly and even becoming a better neighbor.
NYTimes  advice  columns  how-to  lifehacks 
june 2019 by jeromekatz
GitHub - vladocar/infinity-css-grid: Fluid Flex Solution for making infinite grid columns.
interesting flexbox-based grid column layout. Minimat amount of code, nice responsive layout. Columns have to be equal I think but can merge. Maybe with with some 'self:' added you could have a wider or narrow er column
webdesign  web  design  grid  css  flex  flexbox  responsive  layout  columns 
june 2019 by piperh
SLEC Provides 44,000 Lb Columns For East Coast Transit Company
SLEC recently completed our biggest contract to date- supplying 20 x 44,000 lb capacity columns for a major East Coast transit company. Learn more about the project here:
columns  mobile-column  transit 
june 2019 by Adventure_Web

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