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“How One Joke Explains the ‘Roseanne’ Reboot,” by Emily Nussbaum for The New Yorker
This useful amnesia is also what enabled ABC to use the slogan “A Family That Looks Like Us” when selling “Roseanne” to advertisers, a dog whistle so strong that it might have brought Lassie back from the dead.
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6 days ago by beep
Introducing the Hot-Funny Guy Matrix
"Rudd is at the center of this matrix not just on the strength of his long and prolific career in the field of funny hotness, but because he would still be funny even if he weren’t hot—his humor is not a commentary on his looks, but rather an independent quality that happens to coexist with them. He is self-aware enough to know what’s funny about himself—he’s successfully involved with the Apatow, Ferrell/McKay, Poehler, and Wain/Showalter cliques—while also projecting the guilelessness that many male screenwriters seem to find appealing in fictional women: a perceived lack of awareness about what a stone cold fox he is."
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The Royal Academy of Farting
Benjamin Franklin's 1781 satirical scientific paper
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