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The Muppets Take the O2 review – Kermit quips with Kylie in a riot of silliness | Stage | The Guardian
The anarchic comedy crew’s first ever UK date offers warmth, wit and mischief in an irresistible cavalcade of songs, skits and incongruous celebs
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Why Punching Down Will Never Be Funny | BuzzFeed
“The real difference is that comedy shows or segments that are legitimately funny always punch up. Instead of wasting their time going after people who are typically in the minority, they go after people with tangible power that’s being abused. A basic tenet of humor — and I mean real basic, we’re talking ancient Greece here — is that your best stuff will come from going after people bigger than you.”
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Robin Williams dead at 63 - movies
Elegies for Robin Williams by various redditors, including Poem_for_your_sprog
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The distance I can be from my son
"We took the 5-year-old docent and his brother back to the Blanton Museum this afternoon. My favorite piece was Lenka Clayton’s The Distance I Can Be From My Son (2013). In three short videos, Clayton films her son walking away from her until she can’t stand it anymore and runs after him. The videos were part of Clayton’s “Artist Residency in Motherhood:” an attempt to “allow [motherhood] to shape the direction of my work, rather than try to work ‘despite it’.”

["The distance I can be from my son - Supermarket" ]

In Hannah Gadsby’s devastating Netflix special, Nanette, she deconstructs how jokes work on a system of tension and release — the setup is “artificially inseminated with tension” and the punchline releases it. Each of these videos is structured like a joke: You see the son toddling away, and at the very end of the video, the mother bolts after him. Tension and release. Setup and punchline.

["The distance I can be from my son - Park" ]

There are interesting layers here: Clayton is setting herself up to see how far she can let her son go, and she’s setting us up, too. (Gadsby points out that her job as a comedian is to build tension and release it and do that over and over again. “This is an abusive relationship!”) We watched the videos with our kids after spending an exhausting 30 minutes in the museum trying to keep them close, my wife restraining the 3-year-old from leaping onto the paintings. (Unfortunately, art museums do require “helicopter parenting.”) The joke, I think, is not on the kid, or the kid viewers: my sons laughed out loud during the videos — I think they were rooting for him to get away!

["The distance I can be from my son - Back Alley" ]

Then, you remember the news and the fact that our government has split thousands of families apart at the border. Suddenly, The Distance I Can Be From My Son takes on a completely different meaning. You laughed and now you want to scream."
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Canadian sketch comedy remembered by Scott Thompson
scottthomspon  kidsinthehall  via:metafilter  comedy  canada  newfoundland 
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Barry Humphries: ‘I defend to the ultimate my right to give deep and profound offence’ | Culture | The Guardian
The creator of Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson is back on stage with a show highlighting the dangers of censorship. He talks about living in a prudish age, sexual harassment and why he regrets voting for Brexit
4 days ago by tonys
'So disappointed': John Cleese to quit UK for Caribbean | Culture | The Guardian
Monty Python comic says he’s moving to island of Nevis because he is fed up with ‘lying and triviality’ of British press
4 days ago by tonys

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