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The DOJ Inspector General called fmr FBI Director @Comey “a dangerous example” of partisan law enforcement
The DOJ Inspector General called fmr FBI Director
“a dangerous example” of partisan law enforcement officers who believe their personal agendas take precedent over the rule of law. And voters.

Trump didn’t start this fire.
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6 weeks ago by Firstteamm
Comey's classified misconduct and the media's flawed coverage of it | TheHill
The answer may reside in Comey’s own public relations strategy since the report was published Thursday. Even though the report excoriated him for extensive misconduct that violated FBI rules and leaked a classified memo, Comey tweeted that he deserved an apology.

Charles McCullough III, the retired chief watchdog for the U.S. Intelligence Community, lambasted Comey’s response as “both befuddling and unbecoming a former FBI director. He may be angry, but the example he’s setting for current agents and intelligence officers is entirely inconsistent with the core values he's always espoused.”

Intelligence professionals and reporters steeped in covering the intelligence community know the rules.

Too bad James Comey doesn’t.
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august 2019 by astrogirl
Comey: If I could 'change time,' Anthony Weiner would never have 'been born' | TheHill
“If I could change time, Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have used a private email server,” he said, according to The New Yorker’s live tweets of the event. “Anthony Weiner certainly wouldn’t have a laptop — maybe wouldn’t have even been born.”

Comey announced just days before the 2016 presidential election that he was reopening the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, after emails related to the investigation were unearthed on a private laptop owned by Weiner, who at the time was married to top Clinton aide Huma Abedin.
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july 2019 by astrogirl

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