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8 Ways Comic Book Legend Jack Kirby Fought Fascism
"Jack Kirby—co-creator of the Marvel Universe and big chunks of DC’s—remains one of the most influential writer/artists in the history of comics. Many of Kirby’s works involve the fight against fascism, embodied in characters such as Doctor Doom and the Red Skull. This wasn’t just an imaginary battle for Kirby, who killed Nazis in World War II and was ready to throw down with any fascists he encountered stateside."
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Art Spiegelman: If It Walks Like a Fascist… | Literary Hub
Spiegelman was blown away by what he saw, and he sought to include images from The Parade in “Wordless!” He reached out to Si Lewen, who by that point was in his nineties, living in a nursing home, and still painting on a daily basis. You can use my images, the artist said, but I refuse to be paid for them. By way of explanation, he told Spiegelman the same thing he told the commercial art world in 1985, when he left behind what had been a financially successful career. Then and now, Lewen proclaimed: “Art is not a commodity! Art is priceless!”

In any case, the fact is that the alt-right has opted—that faction of the right that I was looking at last night has opted—to use all of the strategies of MAD comics in the 1950s. MAD was able to combat the deadening media of the 1950s—by deconstructing it, by twisting it with irony. And that’s the conscious strategy of at least this website I went to last night—to be attractive to nihilistic teens.
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THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (8/16/17 – Don’t You Worry) | The Comics Journal
I just starred THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (8/16/17 – Don’t You Worry) on Inoreader
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