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in the Captain Marvel era I recommend reading just the Kelly Sue books and then if you like, look up her appearances in Spider-Woman.
16 hours ago by ironymaiden
Why Spider-Verse has the most inventive visuals you’ll see this year!
Solid breakdown of the visuals behind one of the most interesting and visually stunning movies I've seen in some time.
animation  articles  comics  movies 
20 hours ago by scottboms
Pork bellies
What are pork bellies? Goodness me, don't you know what pork bellies are? You hear about them on the . . . on the commodity report, isn’t it?
comics  Zippy 
23 hours ago by M.Leddy
SpiritsFlame - Favorite Strangers
When Batman v Superman!Bruce ends up in the comics world, he'll have to navigate another version of himself, his family and the man he tried to kill if he wants to get home.
dcu  comics  movieverse  clark.kent/bruce.wayne  spiritsflame  wc:25000-50000  au:multiverse  fix-it  ensemble  saveme 
yesterday by silentfire
ReadComicOnline - Read comics online in high quality
Read comics online in high quality for free, fast update, daily update. Unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page, and many more...
comicbooks  comics 
yesterday by deadman36g
more with my trusty sailor reglus fountain pen
comics  lettering  from twitter_favs
yesterday by ninthart
Why Spider-Verse has the most inventive visuals you’ll see this year! | fxguide
Great breakdown of many of the graphical elements that made Into the Spider-Verse so unique. What a cool movie.
comics  movies  spiderman  intothespiderverse 
2 days ago by Brandonshire
How Pick-Up Artists Morphed Into the Alt-Right (Charis JB, The Nib)
history of the PUA mindset and its intersection with Trump-era misogyny
comics  politics  gender  analysis  misogyny 
2 days ago by donutage

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