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Bernie or Bust is bad, but I get it.
“Because the truth is this: Every threat these Sanders stans are explicitly making is one the venerated Centrist Swing Voter makes implicitly—and isn’t judged for. The centrist never even has to articulate his threat. The media narrates it for him. “What does the swing voter want?” is the kind of question that rescues this brand of voter from owning or even admitting any moral consequences at all. The question is framed as sensible, and so is its subject.”

fuck centrism pt. 10,000
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yesterday by inrgbwetrust
How Capitalism Underdeveloped Rural America
Since the turn to more cutthroat free-market policies in the 1980s, American capitalism has systematically underdeveloped rural and small-town regions of the United States. The 2008 crash poured gasoline on the fire. Mutual savings banks and credit unions, cooperatives, mom-and-pop businesses, local industries and newspapers, health and elder care facilities, schools, and libraries have all fallen victim to relentless austerity policies or private-equity raiders.

crisis of elites looms in the background? (esp. wall st financialization fuckers)
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3 days ago by inrgbwetrust
Building for the Culture
“As long as there are zero-cost ways to become visible to thousands of people, these desires aren’t going away. Media transforms our societies irreversibly.”

hot takes re: attention economy, branding, flashy startups, social media influencers, capitalism-soaked hurry sickness entrepreneurs
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5 days ago by inrgbwetrust
How Donald Trump Could Build an Autocracy in the U.S. - The Atlantic
The preconditions are present in the U.S. today. Here’s the playbook Donald Trump could use to set the country down a path toward illiberalism.
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7 days ago by nickande
On “Millennials killed the ________ tradition/industry!” | Grey-Haired Geekgirl
“The anxiety makes sense. You’re seeing, too late to do anything about it, that there’s no foundation - no space - for the traditions you expected to pass on. Your kids can’t take your mom’s fine china. So now instead of enjoying what you have you worry about its future.

I see a pattern in these op-eds though - a pattern in what’s left unsaid. There were responsibilities tied to these traditions. You collectively assumed they _would_ be passed along. So collectively, what did you do to ensure those traditions could be passed along?

Op-eds never speak for everyone, but it’s worth acknowledging the pattern in what speech is deemed worth sharing widely. And in this particular pattern, there’s an answer: that answer looks like “nothing.”

You want the china passed down but your kids have no room in their rentals. You want grandkids but your kids don’t have the financial stability. You want that cross-country RV never-ending road trip but you’ve had decades of wanting lower taxes more than you wanted infrastructure.”
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9 days ago by inrgbwetrust
Why Progressive Millennials Can’t Stand Pete Buttigieg
“the millennials closest in age to the 38-year-old presidential hopeful are wracked by a more visceral contempt, informed by both their experience of American adulthood and the memory of growing up with peers who embody Pete’s brand of white-collar smarm. He’s the ruthless climber who wants a promotion at any cost, the rat who will sell you out the second you stop being useful to him. He’s the guy with opinions that shift according to the room he’s in. He did well in debate club, because he had the knack for disingenuous rhetoric.”

“Past all that rotten history, what Pete uses his platform to say is… nothing. The soundbites have been focus-grouped till they sound like taglines for a bank commercial. Most of this stuff is microwaved mush, the same old pleas for civility and the platitudes that aim to inspire the common citizen without offending the corrupt and powerful. And so, for a despairing youth (or the under-45 set, anyway), he’s little more than a class and generational traitor, a vulture capitalist, an empty suit promising change in terms vague enough that he’ll never be accountable to them.”
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11 days ago by inrgbwetrust
The Success Sequence Continues To Be Complete Nonsense – People's Policy Project
“Success Sequence writers, realizing that full-time workers are rarely in poverty, end up advocating that “full-time work plus their cultural preferences” will get you out of poverty. This is technically true, but only because full-time work plus anything will get you out of poverty.”
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11 days ago by inrgbwetrust
The Iowa Caucus Was Waterloo for Democrats – Rolling Stone
Young pols like Bill Clinton learned they could screw constituents and still collect from them. What would they do, vote Republican? Better, the parental scolding of disobedient minorities like Sister Souljah combined with the occasional act of mindless sadism (like the execution of mentally ill Ricky Ray Rector) impressed white “swing” voters, making “triangulation” a huge win-win — more traction in red states, less whining from lefty malcontents.

Democrats went on to systematically rat-fuck every group in their tent: labor, the poor, minorities, soldiers, criminal defendants, students, homeowners, media consumers, environmentalists, civil libertarians, pensioners — everyone but donors.

sanders, buttigieg, etc
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11 days ago by inrgbwetrust
Class Carpetbagger | Corey Pein
“When I see Pete tense up and purse his lips, or take a hasty gulp of water when he feels pressured to explain some facet of his paint-by-numbers political career or his regressive, unpopular policies, it makes me want to barricade the street with burning tires and shut down a container port. If Pete is nervous, it means others like him are nervous. They fear that everything they have worked for in life—not in the proletarian sense, mind you, but in the sense of writing ingratiating letters and leveraging connections—is at risk. They’re afraid of the socialist movement. Good. It’s about time.”
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14 days ago by inrgbwetrust

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