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Announcing Dart 2: Optimized for Client-Side Development
We picked Dart because of the great combination of perf and predictability, ease of learning, a sound type system, and web and mobile support.

With Flutter and Dart, developers finally have the opportunity to write production-quality apps for Android, iOS, and the web with no compromises, using a shared codebase. As a result, team members can fluidly move between platforms and help each other with, e.g., code reviews. So far, we have seen teams like AdWords Express and AppTree share between 50% and 70% of their code across mobile and web.
Dart  Flutter  blog  commentary 
3 days ago by negril
Kierkegaard, D. Anthony Storm's Commentary on
"Søren Aabye Kierkegaard was a nineteenth century existentialist philosopher, and arguably both the father of existentialism and modern psychology. He is a grossly misunderstood figure, whom some argue was a mystic, an anti-rationalist, or, as is more reasonable, an anti-philosopher. Often his overtly religious writings are overlooked or de-Christianized in favor of the pseudonymous authorship. An idiosyncratic style, along with a complex authorial method, go far in confounding the unwary reader. This site features a commentary on the writings of Kierkegaard. Information on every published work and article (including many unfinished writings and journal entries) is presented here with publication data, quotes, detailed commentary, and images. There are also supplementary materials to aid in your research. A good place to start is to go straight to the Commentary itself where you can view abstracts of the works before diving in."
philosophy  19c  commentary  religion  existentialism  faith 
3 days ago by tsuomela
Honor and Dishonor | Eliot A. Cohen | The Atlantic
..At some point, this will come crashing to an end. The Republican Party has placed its bets against young people, people of color, urban populations, the college-educated, and moderates. Yes, 80 percent of Republicans like the job Trump is doing, though they might not like the man himself. But winning over 80 percent of 31 percent of the country is not a winning formula, and the Republican Party will deservedly find that out the hard way.

For much of the history of the United States, Americans have treated their politicians with the wariness that befits the citizens of a great republic. They knew that the Founders were right in constructing a system in which ambition would check ambition, and in which power would be so distributed and set up in opposition that tyranny would not have much of a chance. But rarely in our history has this country had one of its major parties so completely in the grip not of fools but of opportunists, not of the vicious but the pathologically fearful, not of the misguided but the spineless.

Michael Cohen is one of those creatures that history’s spotlight illuminates for a few minutes of notoriety before he slips back into the obscurity of a prison cell. Matt Gaetz is one of those ideologues who steps out too far, gets burned, steps back, but is sure to erupt again. Mike Gallagher is one of those politicians trying to do the right thing, and who, more rarely, when their country calls, say, “Here I am, send me.” But the podgy mass of the Republican Party in Congress is formed of those who James Russell Lowell, one of the founders of this magazine, said are willing to “in silence shrink / From the truth they needs must think.” The most fitting epitaph for their political lives, and for their hollow party, will be “Here lies not much.”
America  Politics  Commentary  Conservatism 
20 days ago by AfroMaestro
Language Log » English or Mandarin as the World Language?
- writing system frequently mentioned as barrier
- also imprecision of Chinese might hurt its use for technical writing
- most predicting it won't (but English might be replaced by absence of lingua franca per Nicholas Ostler)
linguistics  language  foreign-lang  china  asia  anglo  world  trends  prediction  speculation  expert-experience  analytical-holistic  writing  network-structure  science  discussion  commentary  flux-stasis  nationalism-globalism 
27 days ago by nhaliday
Six lessons learned by creating a design system at a fast-moving start-up
atomic css (i.e. basscss) with higher-order patterns laid out like picture menu at a restaurant gusta
webdesign  styleguide  css  webdev  commentary  optimization  inspiration 
5 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust

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