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Matrix is an open fabric for communication that anyone can participate in.
communication  decentralised  protocol 
20 hours ago by webdevotion
Shaping Your Slack – Rands in Repose
Rands on how the Leadership slack is run.

Links to their tool for pruning slack rooms.
communication  community  slack 
21 hours ago by mzyk83
Wire · Modern communication, full privacy. For iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux and web.
HD quality calls, private and group chats with inline photos, music and video. Secure and perfectly synced across your devices.
chat  security  encryption  communications  App  communication  IFTTT  Pocket  wire  application 
yesterday by johannesholmberg
Twist - Mindful Team Communication
Twist keeps your conversations on-topic and in one place. For teams who want to make work calmer, more organized, and more productive.
business  communication  productivity 
yesterday by natelandau
Americans Divided on Whether Recent Science Protests Will Benefit Scientists’ Causes | Pew Research Center
"More Democrats and younger adults believe the science marches in April will lead to public support for science; Republicans and older adults tend to disagree"
science  public-understanding  support  activism  communication 
yesterday by tsuomela
Twist - Mindful Team Communication
slack invented irc. this lot have invented usenet.
communication  software  threads  internet  * 
2 days ago by gilest
Twist - team chat
Alternative to slack which seems better.
chat  communication  team  slack 
2 days ago by Denis

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