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Boîte à outils - communication
Par le Réseau québécois des groupes écologistes (RQGE), 2016.
communautaire  communications  trousse  reference  medias  socialmedia  outils 
yesterday by kmo
How trolls make money from their online hate speech |
In New Zealand, The Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015 aims to prevent and reduce the impact of online bullying, harassment, revenge porn and other forms of abuse and intimidation, Netsafe says.

It "provides quick and affordable ways to get help for people in New Zealand receiving serious or repeated harmful digital communications".
Harmful  Digital  Communications 
2 days ago by djhdcj
Sacha Baron Cohen has made his own Infowars | Television & radio | The Guardian
Baron Cohen’s response to Palin apparently penned by a newly unveiled alter-ego called Dr Billy Wayne Ruddick; a Maga-loving citizen journalist who runs, “a liberty website for true America and truth loving Americans.”
communications  politics 
3 days ago by sew245
Archives Library Information Center (ALIC) | National Archives
The Archives Library Information Center (ALIC) is more than a traditional library. Recognizing that our customers no longer expect to work within the walls of a library, these pages are designed to provide NARA staff and researchers nationwide with convenient access to content beyond the physical holdings of our traditional library. ALIC provides access to information on American history and government, archival administration, information management, and government documents to NARA staff, archives and records management professionals, and the general public.

Our physical library location is in the National Archives Building in College Park, MD.
!Search_and_Research  Communications 
3 days ago by wardell
HeyPhone: Cave Rescue Communications System
It is now 17 years since the original HeyPhone was produced; designed and constructed for the UK Cave Rescue Groups by John Hey, who died in 2016. The HeyPhone was a pioneering development in Cave Radio, but it can no longer be recommended for construction. The information is archived here, on this web site, for posterity (or, at least, for a while) but you are advised to seek a more modern design. Several significant products have been developed, (e.g. Système Nicola, Cave-Link) but these are semi-commercial products, and not available for home construction. One strong contender for a 'homer' to replace the original HeyPhone has to be Ian Cooper's Micro HeyPhone, which was described in the CREG Journal in 2017
hamradio  communications  wireless  rescue  emergency 
5 days ago by cyberchucktx
ComitUP file archive
Developer's file archive (separate from the archives). Includes the latest version(s) of the SD disk images.
comitup  raspberrypi  wifi  mobile  communications  sysadmin 
6 days ago by cyberchucktx
Wonderfest Science Envoy Program
Wonderfest’s Science Envoy Program, funded in part by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, identifies PhD students who show particular science-popularization promise. We help the budding researchers to develop the subtle art and science of public outreach. The program’s participants emerge as articulate Science Envoys, appearing before live Wonderfest audiences that are eager for their insights.
science  communications  museum  programs 
7 days ago by sew245

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