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is "the glue that binds to their customers and they operate in.”
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3 days ago by mgifford
Powerful savings – Electricity supply aggregation could reduce costs by $75,000
A regional purchasing agreement could reduce the cost of electricity by $75,000 for the towns interested in participating.
The Lakes Region Planning Commission sent out letters on Wednesday announcing the negotiated rate of 7.3 cents per kilowatt-hour, which is well below Eversource’s current rates but only slightly lower than the rate that the New Hampshire Electric Cooperative charges.
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9 days ago by eversourcenh
About | Lobsters
Invitations are used as a mechanism for spam-control and to encourage users to "be nice". New users must be invited by a current user, though there is no vetting process and invitations are not intended to promote exclusivity. The most efficient way to receive an invitation is to talk to someone you recognize from the site or request one in chat. Invitations are unlimited unless scaling problems temporarily prevent new accounts. If spammers are invited to the site and banned, the user that invited them may also be banned, going up the chain of invitations as needed.

The full user tree is made public and each user's profile shows who invited them. This provides some degree of accountability and can act as a tool to help identify voting rings.
24 days ago by celine
BoardGameGeek | Gaming Unplugged Since 2000
BoardGameGeek is an online board gaming resource and community. The site is updated on a real-time basis by its large and still growing user base, making the 'Geek the largest and most up-to-date place to get gaming information! There is no charge to become a registered member of BGG, although you are certainly encouraged to help improve the site by adding your own reviews and thoughts on games to the existing database!

There are reviews, ratings, images, play-aids, translations, and session reports from board game geeks across the world, as well as live discussion forums. In addition, every day nearly a hundred game trades pass through the hands of registered members, as well as transactions in the marketplace. If you are new to the site and are wondering where to begin, you might start with the Guide to BoardGameGeek.
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24 days ago by gryphonent
Functional Defenestration
on editorial genuflections in the internet age and the importance of satire
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5 weeks ago by amaah

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