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In Defense of Ritual
Richard Payne takes a serious look at the role of ritual in Buddhist practice and the reasons why Westerners might feel resistant to it.

-- Richard K. Payne
Lion's Roar | | 16 nov 2018
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20 hours ago by tometaxu
Pinkerton program inspires young women to explore STEM | New Hampshire |
Pinkerton Academy wants to make sure its female students are exploring all the opportunities possible when it comes to a future career in science, technology, engineering or math.
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yesterday by eversourcenh
Woolsey Fire and the Santa Susana Field Laboratory
We’ve received quite a few inquiries over the past several days regarding the potential consequences of the Woolsey Fire in Southern California, which has burned through part of the Santa Susana Fi…
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3 days ago by bradbarrish
Paradise Town Council meets, shattered by fire’s devastation but doing its duty -
Chico City Hall, where a white sticker was smoothed onto a first-floor office door that read: “Paradise Town Hall.”
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3 days ago by jomc
Rands Leadership Slack
This is an excellent set of guidelines for a Slack community; personal, welcoming and informative.
Community  CodeOfConduct 
3 days ago by billglover
The Visual Cliff: What a 1960 Perception Experiment Reveals About Emotional Decision-Making – Brain Pickings
When faced with emotional ambiguity, most of us remain babies on Plexiglas — we search for feedback to resolve uncertainty, and often forget that the Plexiglas is there, unflinching — a solid, albeit invisible, support. We just have to take the leap… or crawl, as it were.
The researchers found that to make the assessment, the babies relied on the mothers’ facial expression — a reassuring, happy one meant they kept crawling, and an alarmed, angry one made them stop at the edge of the Plexiglas.
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3 days ago by Jibarosoy
RT : Who has the best overall ?...! 🏆🎉
Our beloved Dev Portal won the trophy of…
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4 days ago by vbehar

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