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Hire A Professional DJ For This Summer’s Company Picnic
An annual company picnic is always a fun time for everyone, as employees, bosses, and their families come together to learn more about each other and enjoy the day. This year, make the company picnic better than ever by hiring a professional DJ!
dj  company  picnic  summer 
4 days ago by Adventure_Web
Why I Chose A Professional Flooring Company Over The DIY
Over time, flooring tends to wear out and look old, which makes them look terrible. Imagine bringing house guests over after it has started
Flooring  Company 
6 days ago by LocalBusiness
More Catfished By A Candidate: Why Not Hire Him Anyway? And Answers To Other Burning Questions
"While there was certainly the possibility that he could have been a top performer, at the end of the day, I just couldn’t take that chance. The most unsettling thing to me was the length that he went to in order to craft his story—fake LinkedIn profile, a whole story around why he was leaving the job, fake references."
business  startup  lessons  blog  posts  career  growth  &  advice  company  stage  hiring  leadership  resource  type  role  function  topics 
7 days ago by jonerp
On paying for software | Seth's Blog
"In my experience, the great software companies are run by singleminded people who bend the physics of design to their will, creating powerful leverage for those that they serve. They are craftspeople, impatient with the status quo and eager to make things better."
sethgodin  software  business  product  company 
8 days ago by colm.mcmullan

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