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Explore Apple prices around the world
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17 hours ago by kaarlows
Regular savings accounts: 5% First Direct, M&S & HSBC
Believe it or not, it's possible to earn 5% interest on savings tax-free. Regular savings accounts are a hidden species that pay big if you feed them every month – we've all the best buys in this guide, plus tricks to maximise your interest.
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yesterday by ezequiel
Elm from a Haskell perspective - School of Haskell | School of Haskell
Predefined stuff
Type differences
Some structure equivalences
usual ADT functions
Reductions, Traversals and Tail call optimization
Desugaring Haskell Do blocks
Deferring computations - Lazy parameters
A static "Hello world" page
Pages without effects
Pages with effects
Effects, Effects managers and Message routing
Running a Task
Adding tipical control functions for the type "Task"
Elm timing example: Comparing elapsed times of expressions with partial application vs complete number of arguments.
More info
Other client side Model-View-Controller frameworks
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2 days ago by dicewitch

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