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This page is a list of the various Rockbox targets, both past and present. Their development status is described beneath each individual entry and further information can be found by following the associated links. Sometimes they merely point to interesting projects or ideas that may or may not lead to Rockbox being ported. Feel free to start contributing to them!
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8 days ago by ezequiel
NoMachine - How to improve performance of NX 3.5.0 with CAD applications that use OpenGL
[...] Many studies have demonstrated that, for a remote display system, the GLX extension is hardly the best solution. See the following documents for an example of alternate approach: [...]
2005  2013  article  compatibility  nomachine  nx  opengl  configuration  performance  remote  xorg  extension  tips  links  documentation  reference  issue  workaround  sysadmin  x2go  linux  unix  hardwaresupport 
9 days ago by ezequiel
Environment Variables
Normally, no environment variables need to be set. Most of the environment variables used by Mesa/Gallium are for debugging purposes, but they can sometimes be useful for debugging end-user issues.
opengl  library  configuration  environment  tips  debug  reference  documentation  linux  unix  xorg  hardwaresupport  compatibility  sysadmin  intel  vmware 
9 days ago by ezequiel
RockboxUtilityDevelopment < Main < Wiki
If you want to work on RockboxUtility clone the rockbox.git repository. RockboxUtility lives in the subfolder rbutil/rbutilqt. You can also use the script utils/common/ for building or creating a source tarball, however, this is intended for building releases and not suited if you intend to develop on RockboxUtility.
rockbox  tool  development  build  howto  tips  links  documentation  reference  guide  windows  unix  linux  macosx  compatibility  repository 
9 days ago by ezequiel
opengl - Disable graphic accelleration on CentOS 7 - Mesa Libraries - Stack Overflow
Q: I have finally successfully compiled a Qt app (C++) using OpenGL on a CentOS 7 machine. The application was originally developed for Windows.
I have an OpenGL scene that is showing a black screen. It works if I compile the project with the Windows version of Qt in a Windows environment. [...]
2017  forumthread  stackexchange  compatibility  opengl  linux  unix  xorg  x11  issue  workaround  shell  tips  qt 
9 days ago by ezequiel
Qt Quick 2D Renderer 5.7
Qt Quick 2D Renderer is an alternative renderer for Qt Quick 2 that uses the Raster paint engine to render the contents of the scene graph instead of OpenGL. As a result of not using OpenGL to render the scene graph, some features and optimizations are no longer available. Most Qt Quick 2 applications will run without modification though any attempts to use unsupported features will be ignored. By using the Qt Quick 2D Renderer it is now possible to run Qt Quick 2 applications on hardware and platforms that do not have OpenGL support.
opengl  compatibility  hardwaresupport  qt  library  unix  linux  remote  cli  tips  example  configuration  xorg  x11 
9 days ago by ezequiel
doc:de-compat [X2Go - everywhere@home]
As of version 3.5.0.x, nxagent is forked from the 6.9 codebase (from 2005.) Therefore, there are 4 reasons why certain modern “3d-ish” desktops are incompatible with nxagent, and therefore X2Go.
x2go  compatibility  wikientry  documentation  reference  linux  x11  xorg  nx  desktop  windowmanager  libraries  remote  unix 
9 days ago by ezequiel
Qt - ArchWiki
Qt is a cross-platform application and widget toolkit that uses standard C++ but makes extensive use of a special code generator (called the Meta Object Compiler, or moc) together with several macros to enrich the language. Some of its more important features include: [...]
qt  configuration  cli  sysadmin  howto  guide  arch  linux  library  gui  xorg  opengl  tips  wikientry  documentation  compatibility 
10 days ago by ezequiel
Molten | Vulkan, and faster OpenGL ES, on iOS and macOS
Molten includes MoltenVK, an implementation of Vulkan on iOS and macOS, plus MoltenGL, a faster implementation of OpenGL ES 2.0 on iOS and macOS.
opengl  vulkan  metal  compatibility  layer 
16 days ago by gilberto5757

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