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Google vs Facebook vs Microsoft - Compare career levels across companies with
Google: L3 / SWE II. L4 / SWE III. L5 / Senior SWE. L6 / Staff SWE. L7 / Senior Staff SWE. L8 / Principal Engineer. L9 / Distinguished Engineer. L10 / Google Fellow. Facebook: E3. E4. E5. E6. E7. E8. E9. Microsoft: SDE / 59. 60. SDE II / 61. 62. Senior SDE / 63. 64. Principal SDE / 65. 66. 67. Partner / 68. 69. 70 / Distinguished Engineer. 80 / Technical Fellow.
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12 days ago by ivar
Highest Paying Tech Companies of 2018 by
We've compiled the top paying software engineering companies and broke it down by experience level. These numbers astounded us, and we wanted to show you how…
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4 weeks ago by ryfi
Getting Partner Profitability Right |
The second divergence is that many firms include as a ‘cost’ the compensation of equity partners. They do this to capture any disconnects between the economics of a partner’s practice and their compensation. This is problematic primarily because partner compensation is profit, not cost. It’s tricky too because it muddles together two very distinct things: how much a partner contributes to the profit pool through their actions and how much they are allocated from the profit pool as decided upon by the compensation committee. A better way to get at how well the economics of a partner’s practice aligns with their compensation is to compare two numbers: each partner’s contribution margin as a percent of the sum of contribution margin for all partners, and each partner’s compensation as a percent of the total partner compensation. If the former exceeds the latter, the partner is being undercompensated relative to their practice’s economic contribution, (fuller discussion here).
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5 weeks ago by JordanFurlong
The Four Stages of Sales Compensation Structures in Early Stage Startups • Tomasz Tunguz
Your startup is just getting off the ground. You might have a few account executives and a sales leader in place; maybe some revenue and a handful of customers. The sales team costs real money, and the question before the company is: how do you know what quota plan to assign to the account executives?
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7 weeks ago by jeromekatz

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