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Leaked Andreessen Horowitz data reveals how much Silicon Valley startup execs really get paid, from CEOs to Sales VPs
CTO (Sep 2018) median (excluding cash bonuses)
Series A: 240lk
Series B: 250k
Series C: 263k
Series D: 450k

CTO Equity median (consumer)
Series A: 1%
Series B: 1.6%
Sereis C; 1.5%
Series D: 1%
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19 days ago by drmeme
Managing Partner Comp Expectations in a Record Financial Year | The American Lawyer
Structural Elements:

Compensation Interviews. Most firms understand the benefits of talking with partners about performance and compensation, but one important question is, is it better to do that before or after setting compensation? Firms sometimes surprise lawyers with a disappointing compensation decision, and then try to rationalize it after the fact. It has been repeatedly shown that post-compensation interviews rarely create satisfaction or understanding, much less change behaviors. Even among leaders who only do post-compensation discussions, it is common to find they dislike the process, they readily acknowledge it doesn’t work well, and yet they do it repeatedly because it is all they know.
It may sound illogical but talking to partners before setting their compensation produces dramatically better engagement, improved performance in the following year, and more effectively manages expectations. But they only work if firms do those interviews well, and unfortunately, perhaps only a quarter of all law firms meet that standard. Good interviews are two-way conversations, focused on helping the partner to be more successful. They explore each partner’s strengths and weaknesses and include a focused discussion of priorities for the coming year. To do that well, those conducting the interviews need to be adept at both listening and coaching (if you are lucky, you may find that 2 percent to 3 percent of your partners have those skills. That’s not a criticism, just a realistic assessment of the rarity of the skills).

Where do these interviews go wrong? Some leaders conduct compensation interviews like a deposition, and not surprisingly, the partners walk out with all the satisfaction of a typical deponent. Just as bad, some leaders sit in silence and let every partner describe how extraordinary they are at everything they do. That fails the most basic test of managing expectations or determining how to extract the best possible use of that partner’s unique skills and talents.
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5 weeks ago by JordanFurlong
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What Successful Companies Know That Law
Firms Need to Know: The Importance of
Employee Motivation and Job Satisfaction to
Increased Productivity and Stronger Client
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5 weeks ago by JordanFurlong
Salary Negotiation: Make More Money, Be More Valued
This is pretty much how I feel every time I talk to my engineering friends about salary negotiation.  We overwhelmingly suck at it.  We have turned sucking at it into a perverse badge of virtue.  We make no affirmative efforts to un-suck ourselves and, to the extent we read about it at all, we read bad advice and repeat it, pretending that this makes us wise. Dude, it’s five minutes.  Let’s un-suck your negotiation.
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6 weeks ago by spaceninja

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