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Deep Dive into Axiom (036) How Innovation Diffuses in Legal Industry
Founded in late 1999, Axiom was likely the legal industry’s first venture-backed start-up.  Now, 18 years later, with over 2,000 employees in 17 offices in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia, nearly 50% of the Fortune 100 as clients, and $300 million+ in annual revenue with continued double-digit growth, Axiom has become the leading exemplar of the NewLaw sector.  Indeed, in the graphic above, which is used by Axiom professionals to explain the evolving legal market, the orange in the bar on the right is what makes the “New Model” new.
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4 days ago by JordanFurlong
What's a lawyer now? - Remaking Law Firms
Fewer lawyers will have traditional ‘practice’ careers, and many will work in hybrid practice/delivery roles that require a combination of practice and delivery skills. Legal delivery is not simply about lawyers anymore, and ‘just knowing the law’ is an insufficient toolkit for lawyers to function effectively in the new legal marketplace. Likewise, other professionals and paraprofessionals—not to mention machines—are now key providers of legal services. Legal culture must embrace these collaborators, not encourage the maintenance of regulatory roadblocks. Those barriers are already being circumvented with the full support of consumers eager for greater access, more efficient delivery, more customer-centric, and lower priced legal service providers.
Law is rife with dualities. Lawyers represent two clients simultaneously–those that retain them and society at large. Legal ‘practice’ refers to the core differentiated judgments and skills (trial work, M&A advice) that lawyers provide, and ‘legal delivery’ is the business of delivering legal services in a more efficient manner (think: ‘legal operations’). The legal ‘profession’ focuses on practice, and the ‘legal industry’—pegged at $1 Trillion annual global spend—refers to the business of delivering legal services. Legal culture is rooted in a mindset of ‘lawyers versus non-lawyers’ where lawyers are dominant and set the rules. But the marketplace is demanding a very different culture, one where the profession is subsumed by an efficient, consumer-centric delivery. And if this sounds foreign, consider the metamorphosis of medi
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4 days ago by JordanFurlong
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4 days ago by gpjohn
Hypermiling Is Awful And I Sort Of Hate It
A schadenfreude glimpse into the auto-geek realm of hypermiling through Audi's TDI challenge.
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5 days ago by chritter
Jellyvision expands fast as health care benefits software Alex wins customers - In Other News - Crain's Chicago Business
Here's why that's not exactly right: Her Near North Side tech company will end the year with almost 300 employees, up from 175 in 2014 and 100 in 2013. Jellyvision counts more than 500 companies with a combined workforce of 3 million as customers, including the likes of Comcast, Adobe and Medtronic. In 2013, it provided software to 90 companies with a total headcount of 1 million. Revenue now tops $20 million.
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6 days ago by imaginaryfriend
Practice Programming and Find Tech Jobs - CodeFights
CodeFights is the most fun way to practice your programming skills.
Master new languages, prepare for interviews, and much more!
Join an active community of 500,000+ engineers!
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8 days ago by eduardoportilho
HackerRank | Technical Recruiting | Hiring the Best Engineers
Practice, Compete, Find Jobs
The HackerRank Community is the largest learning and competition community for programmers
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8 days ago by eduardoportilho
Request: Jensen/Jared, Olympics, rivalry, competition
At the Olympics, rivals Jared and Jensen are the focus of attention - it's really between them to see who will take out the gold medal for their sport this year. But they can't stand each other.

The night before the big day, the anger and tension between them explodes, and they end up having vigorous, carnal hate sex all over the Olympics village.

They're both insistent on being the top (at least more times than they're the bottom) - not only so they can fuck the shit out of their rival, but so that they're not the sore one the next day.

Their sex is uber competitive - who can fuck the hardest, who has more stamina, who's cock is biggest - four years of rivalry poured out in one steamy night.
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10 days ago by Mayalaen

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