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Job Talle | Evolving Lindenmayer systems
Lindenmayer systems have been developed to model plant growth. An evolutionary algorithm can be used to simulate plant evolution using L-systems. The systems themselves represent DNA, while the structures they produce represent plants. This technique gives rise to interesting yet familiar plant-like structures.
algorithms  ai  development  lsystem  evolution  plant  ecosystem  competition  graphics 
21 hours ago by ivar
Should big technology companies break up or break open?
For a more competitive technology industry, Tom Wheeler suggests opening up data from large tech companies instead of breaking these companies apart.
competition  regulation  data-portability  open-banking  platform 
2 days ago by jackhardinges
Latest Disquiet Junto topics - lines
"Q: What is the Disquiet Junto?
+ A: The Disquiet Junto is a group in which musicians respond to weekly, fast-turnaround assignments to compose, record, and share new music. The idea is to use constraints as a springboard for creativity."

music  composition  competition  to:do 
5 days ago by ssam
Kool-Aid crashes onto TikTok with holiday video challenge | Mobile Marketer
Kraft Heinz's Kool-Aid debuted its first campaign on social video app TikTok with a branded hashtag challenge that urges people to post videos of themselves getting into the holiday spirit for a chance to win $10,000, according to an announcement shared with Mobile Marketer. The campaign features three holiday-themed videos with brand mascot Kool-Aid Man and rapper Lil Jon at the @koolaidmanofficial account on TikTok.
tiktok  social-networks  ugc  competition  fmcg 
6 days ago by dancall
Mobile industry has stifled eSIM—and the DOJ is demanding change | Ars Technica
US warns GSMA, says it must change eSIM standard that blocks competition.
The US Department of Justice has given its tentative approval to a wireless-industry plan to revise eSIM standards, saying that new safeguards should prevent carriers from colluding against competitors in the standards-setting process. But the DOJ warned the industry that it must eliminate anti-competitive provisions from the current eSIM standard or face possible antitrust enforcement.
The DOJ last year began investigating AT&T, Verizon, and the GSMA, a trade group that represents mobile carriers worldwide. The antitrust enforcer found that incumbent carriers stacked the deck against competitors while developing an industry standard for eSIM, the embedded SIM technology that is used instead of removable SIM cards in new smartphones and other devices.
In theory, eSIM technology should make it easier to switch carriers or use multiple carriers because the technology doesn't require swapping between physical SIM cards. But how it works in practice depends heavily on whether big carriers dominate the standard-setting process.
gov2.0  politics  DOJ  eSIM  competition  telco  wireless  antitrust 
7 days ago by rgl7194
Studio Jelly
Hacker had Jelly create their new site; it's Squarespace.
"Jelly Helm is the creative director of Studio Jelly."
competition  minimize  redesign  squarespace 
7 days ago by outkast
25 People's Choice Photos for Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019
The prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition by the National History Museum is in its 55th year, and it has just revealed the shortlist of 25 photos for the LUMIX People’s Choice Award.
Over 45,000 photos were submitted by photographers in 95 countries around the world this year. While the main winners are selected by a panel of judges, the People’s Choice winner is voted on by the public.
photography  competition  nature  animals 
8 days ago by rgl7194
Running: not so much a liberating hobby as a cult
My findings question the idea that extraordinary experiences are an escape from the demands of everyday life. I show instead that social (especially neoliberal) discourses discipline endurance runners and shape the ways in which they understand and account for their extraordinary experiences.
competition  endurance  fitness  personalbranding  running  socialmedia  sport 
9 days ago by antonio

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