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Official 2019 Season North America Hackathon Schedule // Major League Hacking
Find, compete, and earn points for your school at the largest, most diverse student hackathons in the world.
hackathon  competition  education  northamerica 
6 days ago by cyberchucktx
Michigan Missing Middle Housing Design Competition Draws Global Talent — Opticos Design
The first-ever Michigan Missing Middle Housing design competition attracted entries from architects and design students from around the world.
missingmiddle  competition  design  architecture  housing 
7 days ago by nelag
Design competition - Department of Planning and Environment
On 10 April 2017 The Hon. Anthony Roberts MP Minister for Planning and Housing announced winners and runners up in The Missing Middle Design Competition at an event in Sydney.
missingmiddle  design  architecture  housing  competition 
7 days ago by nelag
The Wisdom Of Peter Fenton - Siddha Performance
If you continue to seek “answers” you will run in circles.

If you continually refine your Questions, you will create a magnificent journey.


That which is transactional requires a “business model.”

That which is organic invites the innocent hand of alchemy.
serendepity  business  model  peter  fenton  win  loss  wisdom  siddha  performance  kapil  gupta  truth  seeking  fundamental  q  a  question  answer  refine  experiment  goal  goals  vision  visions  bone  heart  brain  venture  competition  common  adventure 
15 days ago by bekishore
Start-Ups Make Cheap Alternative to Braces, Dental Trade Groups Cry For Regulation - Hit & Run :
SmileDirectClub's aligners—clear plastic coverings designed to straighten teeth—cost $1,850. CandidCo., another dental startup, charges $1,900. The fitting and monitoring uses a telemedicine model.
healthcare  innovation  regulation  competition 
17 days ago by jmartindf
Alternative Legal Service Providers: Changing buyer perception | Answers On
Who are the ALSPs?
This is still a developing, fragmented market. We’ve identified five main types of providers and an estimated market size in the table below. In addition to the legal Current use cases Areas of potential growth Law firm Corporation process outsourcing companies and e-discovery service and document review service providers that form the largest segment of the market, we see insourcing and staffing companies and the Big Four accounting and audit firms as large parts of the market. Smaller shares of the total $8.4 billion market are accounted for by law firm-owned affiliates and an emerging set of Managed Legal Service providers.
productivity  laterals  competition 
19 days ago by JordanFurlong
Forum Magazine: Dead Weight and “Disappeared Revenue” – The Legal Industry’s Overcapacity Problem
“You have all these data points which reinforce each other – there are fewer hours-per-lawyer billed than years ago, the growth in lawyer head count is outpacing growth in demand – and you start to see this overcapacity problem for what it is,” says Bruce MacEwen, publisher of Adam Smith, Esq. and a highly regarded legal industry consultant. “And with 110,000 lawyers populating the Am Law 200 firms, that’s about $8.2 billion in essentially disappeared revenue each year.”

How We Got Here
If you look at the chart that shows the balance between lawyer growth, demand growth and productivity over the past several years, you can see the path that the legal industry has been on. Since 2012, as the chart shows, demand growth, though often fluctuating moderately and dipping often into negative territory, stayed pretty reliably in the range between -1% and +1% growth per quarter.

Lawyer growth, on the other hand, remained steady, though moving down from 2% quarterly growth to the 1% range in recent quarters. Still, that means even at the slower pace, the hiring continues even if the client business isn’t there to meet it – which is why productivity, the end result of the interplay of these two factors, has been on a general downward trend over the last several years and in fact, hit historic lows in Q4 2017.
productivity  laterals  competition 
19 days ago by JordanFurlong
As Big Law Floods Regional Markets, Will Local Firms Sink or Swim? | The American Lawyer
While some smaller law firms have been absorbed, Esposito said, the number of local and regional firms has not significantly diminished.

“For those clients who need lawyers with a specific type or heightened level of expertise or national and/or global office locations, a large firm with a higher rate structure is the right choice, and often a necessity,” Esposito said in an email. “On the other hand, there are many clients whose needs do not require a certain expertise or geographic legal presence, and those clients have more options, often directing their work to local/regional law firms with lower, more flexible rates.”

As a result, she said, midsize firms have had the opportunity to “flourish,” increasing in size and client base.

In Charlotte, a number of large regional firms were acquired by larger market entrants, said Huse, who previously worked as an in-house law firm marketing professional. According to ALM Intelligence, the number of NLJ 250 law firms with a Charlotte office has more than doubled since 2001. But the local firms that stayed independent were able to use their rates as a point of competition, Huse said.

“Our rates are much different than the New York law firms,” Huse said. “It all boils down to those rates and relationships.”

To maintain the relationships, she said, firms must “take the pulse of the market” and figure out what niche client need they can fill.
regional  firms  competition 
19 days ago by JordanFurlong

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