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Re: [inferno-os] Re: Native on ARM Cortex-A53
Forsyth: "Instead of having a 64-bit version of Dis, since any change would be disruptive, I had in mind something more radical: replacing Dis by a completely different representation, essentially an encoded fully-typed medium-level intermediate tree representation, which would be safe to exchange being easy to check (which Dis is not), and from which respectable code could be generated dynamically in obvious ways.
A similar approach has been used for Oberon (Thin Binaries) and JavaScript.
It's possible to include a code generator from that representation to existing Dis."
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7 days ago by mechazoidal
αProlog is a logic programming language with built-in names, fresh name generation, name binding, and unification up to α-equivalence (that is, consistent renaming of bound names.).
Its ultimate aim is to provide a better way of both writing and reasoning about programs that rely heavily on names and binding, such as compilers, interpreters, and theorem provers.
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10 days ago by slowbyte
Writing A Compiler In Go | Thorsten Ball
Book about building a compiler for a language build on top of Go from scratch
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10 days ago by dangeranger

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