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Civil Society Organizations and General Data Protection Regulation Compliance - Open Society Foundations
a new report from the Open Society Information Program, looks specifically at the ways that the world’s most comprehensive data privacy law impacts nongovernmental organizations.

It examines, in practical terms, what these kind of organizations have done to comply with the law. It also presents research showing ways that governments, businesses, and some powerful individuals have tried—so far unsuccessfully—to use the law to prevent these organizations from pursuing public interest research and reporting.

Finally, the report provides a best practices guide that can be used to ensure compliance and limit risk.
compliance  report  research  GDPR  guide  charities  civicsociety  ngo 
2 days ago by corrickwales
NGOs embrace GDPR, but will it be used against them? – Responsible Data
GDPR compliance is an integral part of organisational resilience, and it requires resources and attention from NGO leaders, foundations and regulators to defend their organisations against attempts by governments and corporations to misuse the GDPR against them.
NGO  charities  GDPR  campaigning  compliance  implementation 
2 days ago by corrickwales
IoT Privacy Infrastructure
A public portal/registry of IoT devices to disclose their presence, for privacy compliance purposes
IoT  registry  portal  privacy  compliance  discovery 
4 days ago by asteroza
It can be tricky to deal with waste that doesn’t conform to regulatory guidelines.
waste  compliance  non-conforming-waste 
7 days ago by Adventure_Web
Continuous Compliance | Dave Farley’s Weblog
"Nevertheless, when describing the Continuous Delivery approach to people I am regularly asked, “Yes, that all sounds very good, but it can’t possibly work in a regulated environment can it?”. I have come to the opposite conclusion. I believe that CD is an essential component of ANY regulated approach. That is, I believe that it is not possible to implement a genuinely compliant, regulated system in the absence of CD!"
continuous_deployment  compliance  security  regulation  devops  dopost  banking 
9 days ago by niksilver
Food and Drug Administration CFR Title 21 Part 11 - Microsoft Compliance | Microsoft Docs
Microsoft helps customers comply with these US Food and Drug Administration regulations.
azure  fda  compliance  devops  microsoft  cloud 
9 days ago by geekzter
fatih/faillint: Report unwanted import path usages
Report unwanted import path usages. Contribute to fatih/faillint development by creating an account on GitHub.
type:tool  lang:go  code  import  lint  compliance 
14 days ago by endorama

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