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Angular Playground
An open source tool for building enterprise angular components, directives, and pipes in isolation
angular  web  programming  library  playground  tool  component 
3 days ago by vicchow
tengstrand/lein-polylith: Libraries and tools for Polylith component based architecture.
Libraries and tools for Polylith component based architecture. - tengstrand/lein-polylith
clojure  framework  component  module  repl 
6 days ago by fmjrey
The easy to use, fully featured, interactive table JavaScript library
tabulator  javascript  programming  library  table  ui  component 
8 days ago by vicchow
Create interactive data tables in seconds with Tabulator. A lightweight, fully featured JavaScript table generation library.
graph  javascript  table  tables  component  widget  opensource  grid 
8 days ago by stevesong
Why I Will Not Use Architecture Navigation Component
Each time new Architecture Component was presented, I felt excited and my thoughts were: “Finally there is a library to solve this!” However, after the Navigation Component presentation my thoughts…
navigation  architecture  component  android  problem  criticism  weakness 
9 days ago by lgtout

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