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A11Y Style Guide
Style guide and pattern library promoting accessible components and WCAG compliance criteria
a11y  style  guide  components 
20 hours ago by lucasalvini
Introduction · Evergreen
Evergreen is a pragmatic UI kit for building evolving products on the web. It is build and maintained open-source by Segment.
react  ui  components  opensource  development  javascript  framework 
yesterday by danesparza
Bit - Share and build with code components
Bit helps you share, discover and use code components between projects and applications to build new features and products faster with your team. It's the fastest way to share and sync React.js and Vue.js UI components, Node.js modules and shared code without overhead. Join today to get started.
components  ui-style  vuejs  javascript 
2 days ago by davilious
CSS Layout cookbook - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN
a few css recipes for commonly used items or patterns, using flex or grid
webdesign  web  design  layout  components  css  flex  grid  recipes  examples  flexbox 
2 days ago by piperh
What’s New in Create React App 2.0 Video Series
Earlier this month Create React App 2.0 was released adding a lot of new features. Some of those features include Sass Support, CSS Modules Support, Adding SVGs as React Components, Fragment Short Syntax, and Babel Macros. In this post, I’ll be highlighting the above 5 features.
fridayfrontend  sass  javascript  react  svg  components  cssmodules 
2 days ago by spaceninja

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