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Exhaustive Properties with Tuples — Figure
"How can we get switch-like exhaustiveness when dealing with the properties of a type? The first step (and our first clue) is to treat the properties as a set. What if we put them in a tuple?"
swift  programming  compsci  opinion  cool  howto 
4 days ago by inuwali
Papers We Love
A repository of computer science papers and a community of people who love reading them
research  compsci  computer_science 
5 days ago by krzak
About - Project Euler
Math & CompSci challenge problems, ranging in difficulty and focus.
9 days ago by anths
Algorithm Visualizer
Algorithm Visualizer is an interactive online platform that visualizes algorithms from code.
algorithm  visualizer  visualization  online  interactive  compsci  learning  programming 
10 days ago by vicchow
Document IDs
Document IDs; how to note a permanent ID in a document, and how to refer to them in other papers. Worth doing, since URLs are hardly ever actually stable (even most of the examples DJB gives on his own site of "good" URLs have changed).

But you should try for stable URLs, too.
compsci  writing 
12 days ago by anths

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