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Learning to Read & Understand Computer Science Formulas? : compsci
Apologies in advance if this comes off as an extremely stupid question, but where and how do you learn how to read and understand the various formulas for compsci? Is there a certain math course (calc, discrete math, linear algebra), or computer science class (algorithms, data structures) along the way that you learn this from? Or somewhere else?​Over the years I've perused material from GA Tech's OMSCS, algorithm books, compsci books, and other places, and all of the crazy (to a lay person like myself) formulas immediately scare the crap out of me. And it's not just knowing what each symbol represents, but also just in general reading and understanding the flow of them.​As a background, my highest math is business calc (not on the same level as regular calc) and I've forgotten pretty much everything from that course. No other high level math or science classes.​EDIT: Here is a link to some of the types of formulas in question. via /r/compsci
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2 days ago by rtluckie
The Hello World Collection
“Hello, world” in an impressively large and diverse collection of languages.
2 days ago by anths
Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs: Niklaus Wirth: 9788120305694: Books
I’ve seen this recommended by many people, including several I know and trust on the topic personally, as *the* fundamental book. Certainly the author’s reputation is hard to argue with. It is, as far as I can tell, currently out of print. There are also several additions; no strong reason to prefer one over the other, as far as I can tell.
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3 days ago by anths
PYGMALION: A Creative Programming Environment - David Canfield Smith

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3 days ago by briantrice
GitHub - kdeldycke/awesome-falsehood: Curated list of falsehoods programmers believe in.
Includes the classic "falsehoods programmers believe about names" and tons of other assumptions.
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5 days ago by inuwali
CS Principles Widgets |
Dynamic applets that illustrate simple principles of computer science such as bitmap graphics and cryptography.
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12 days ago by inuwali
CyC2018/CS-Notes: Computer Science Learning Notes
:books: Computer Science Learning Notes. Contribute to CyC2018/CS-Notes development by creating an account on GitHub.
12 days ago by geetarista

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