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GitHub - kdn251/interviews: Everything you need to know to get the job.
Everything you need to know to get the job. Contribute to kdn251/interviews development by creating an account on GitHub.
data_structures  teachyourself  computer_science  education  interview  java  algorithm 
2 days ago by hersh.verthun
Python consumes a lot of memory or how to reduce the size of objects?
A memory problem may arise when a large number of objects are active in RAM during the execution of a program, especially if there are restrictions on the total amount of available memory.
python  performance  optimization  memory  size  computer_science  programming  Scripting 
6 days ago by catichenor
The End of Moore’s Law. And The Coming Computing Renaissance. « A.Capital Ventures
> There is no more “one-size fits all.” Gone are the days where general-purpose microprocessors ran all application workloads. Going forward we will need to depend on a diversity of computing hardware to accomplish a range of tasks (general deep learning, video processing, image/speech recognition and many others) in a range of locations (cloud, edge, mobile). The era of domain-specific hardware is upon us. The iPhone is a good early example of this trend, besides a 6 core CPU and a 3 core GPU it has dedicated co-processors for motion sensing, image processing and neural network computations.
computer_science  2019 
8 days ago by porejide
Delaunator guide
Delaunator is a fast library for Delaunay triangulation
javascript  library  computer_science  map 
23 days ago by brunsnik
Suite Sparse
sparse matrix multiplication library
Math  ML  AI  Physics  Computer_Science 
5 weeks ago by JDulin
NCSA - University of Illinois - Visualization
Our scientific visualization experts helps scientists and engineers translate numbers into images, which enables the researchers both to gain insight into their data and to more easily share their work with others.
data_visualization  computer_science  supercomputer  data  science 
5 weeks ago by brunsnik
NCSA's Advanced Visualization Lab
The National Center for Supercomputing Applications has a "Renaissance Team" that devises visualizations of massive datasets.
data  data_visualization  data_science  science  computer_science  supercomputer 
5 weeks ago by brunsnik
A tool to detect bugs in Java and C/C++/Objective-C code before it ships. Infer is a static analysis tool - if you give Infer some Java or C/C++/Objective-C code it produces a list of potential bugs.
software  tool  static_analysis  computer_science  separation_logic 
8 weeks ago by brunsnik
Set Theory and Foundations of Mathematics
A clarified and optimized way to rebuild mathematics
without prerequisite
mathematics  Computer_Science  settheory 
8 weeks ago by willtonkin
Language-theoric Security
"The Language-theoretic approach (LANGSEC) regards the Internet insecurity epidemic as a consequence of ad hoc programming of input handling at all layers of network stacks, and in other kinds of software stacks. LANGSEC posits that the only path to trustworthy software that takes untrusted inputs is treating all valid or expected inputs as a formal language, and the respective input-handling routines as a recognizer for that language. The recognition must be feasible, and the recognizer must match the language in required computation power.

When input handling is done in ad hoc way, the de facto recognizer, i.e. the input recognition and validation code ends up scattered throughout the program, does not match the programmers' assumptions about safety and validity of data, and thus provides ample opportunities for exploitation. Moreover, for complex input languages the problem of full recognition of valid or expected inputs may be UNDECIDABLE, in which case no amount of input-checking code or testing will suffice to secure the program. Many popular protocols and formats fell into this trap, the empirical fact with which security practitioners are all too familiar."
security  bestpractices  computer_science  paper  programming 
9 weeks ago by loimprevisto
Molecular Programming
Molecular Semantics
Systems Biology
Biological Models
Continuous Markov Processes
Natural Computability
programming  biology  research  people  blog  papers  academic  computer_science 
10 weeks ago by dicewitch
Great Reading for Researchers and Scholars
a list of great readings, videos, and demos for researchers and scholars, including algorithms visualizations, algorithms books, complexity theory books, mathematics contest books, recreational math books, and very practical career and interviewing books including academic job searches, and some great TED talks.
books  ibcompsci  computer_science  ted_talks 
10 weeks ago by robotkid

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