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Teachers come fall in love with The Computer Science Crash Course is on the road. W…
computerscience  from twitter_favs
2 days ago by lguardino
Journey into cryptography | Computer science | Computing | Khan Academy
How have humans protected their secret messages through history? What has changed today?
learning  cryptography  computerscience 
4 days ago by lgtout
Engineering a Safer World | Lobsters
"For anyone unfamiliar, Nancy Leveson did a lot of pioneering work in bringing the kind of thinking in fields like aerospace to software safety. She pushes analyzing requirements and proposed solutions along human, technical, and environmental lines. She and her collaborators also did safety analysis on major projects like an air traffic control system.

Prior book was Safeware. Sample chapters from it here. Glad this one is open access. :)"
book  free  lobsters  discussion  safety  computerscience 
6 days ago by mechazoidal
(14) Rethinking CS Education | Alan Kay, CrossRoads 2015 - YouTube
Alan Kay talks about alternative approaches to teach Computer Science in schools
alankay  systems  education  computerscience  cs 
7 days ago by danhon
CS4ALL Blueprint Beta
“Computer science (CS) is the study of the capabilities and limitations of computers. Computational literacy is the ability to understand how CS can be applied in all walks of life. New York City public school students develop computational literacy through creative computing.”
computerscience  highschool  education  cs  newyork 
8 days ago by danhon
How strtod() Works (and Sometimes Doesn’t)
"Converting decimal strings to doubles correctly and efficiently is a surprisingly complex task; fortunately, David M. Gay did this for us when he wrote this paper and released this code over 20 years ago. (He maintains this reference copy of strtod() to this day.) [...] I’ve spent considerable time reverse engineering strtod(); neither the paper nor the code are easy reads. I’ve written articles about how each of its major pieces work, and I’ve discovered bugs (as have a few of my readers) along the way. This article ties all of my strtod() research together."
math  programming  reference  c  computerscience 
8 days ago by mechazoidal
CS Unplugged
CS Unplugged is a collection of free teaching material that teaches Computer Science through engaging games and puzzles that use cards, string, crayons and lots of running around.
education  programming  computerscience 
9 days ago by cothrun
"The percentage of women in the overall program, including CS-plus majors, rose fro…
computerscience  from twitter_favs
10 days ago by jcchurch

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