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D-Wave Systems Inc.
D-Wave Systems Inc. has 26 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.
dwave  quantum_computing  quantum  computing  simulator 
5 hours ago by fareed
Xapiand | Search and Storage Engine
Xapiand is a fast, simple and modern search and storage engine.
webdev  computing  tools 
12 hours ago by naijeru
The Embroidered Computer | Irene PoschIrene Posch
The Embroidered Computer uses historic gold embroidery materials to craft a programmable 8 bit computer.
art  computing  embroidery  soft.computing  textile  inspiration 
yesterday by tonious | vintage computing books, manuals and journals
We specialize in vintage computing books, manuals, journals, references, documentation and more - from ENIAC to IBM, from the era of vacuum tubes, to the transistor, to microprocessors; from punched cards to early personal computers.
retro  old  computing  history  theory  book 
yesterday by gilberto5757
Irene Posch
A researcher and artist exploring the integration of technological development into the fields of art and craft, and vice versa, and social, cultural, technical and aesthetic implications thereof.
art  computing  technology  craft  inspiration  design  maker 
yesterday by garrettc
The Embroidered Computer
an exploration into using historic gold embroidery materials and knowledge to craft a programmable 8 bit computer.

Solely built from a variety of metal threads, magnetic, glass and metal beads, and being inspired by traditional crafting routines and patterns, the piece questions the appearance of current digital and electronic technologies surrounding us, as well as our interaction with them.

Technically, the piece consists of (textile) relays, similar to early computers before the invention of semiconductors. Visually, the gold materials, here used for their conductive properties, arranged into specific patterns to fulfil electronic functions, dominate the work. Traditionally purely decorative, their pattern here defines they function. They lay bare core digital routines usually hidden in black boxes. Users are invited to interact with the piece in programming the textile to compute for them.
electronics  computers  computing  art  embroidery  craft  gold  8-bit 
yesterday by jm

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