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scylladb/seastar: High performance server-side application framework
High performance server-side application framework - scylladb/seastar
c++  frameworks  concurrency  asynchrony  futures 
yesterday by jbkcc
Golang: Candidates and Contexts — A Heuristic Approach to Race Condition Detection
The Go language provides absolutely amazing concurrency primitives and truly achieves making concurrency a first class citizen. Unfortunately ensuring concurrent correctness requires the combination…
golang  concurrency 
2 days ago by geetarista
Queries: PostgreSQL Simplified — Queries 2.0.0 documentation
Queries is a BSD licensed opinionated wrapper of the psycopg2 library for interacting with PostgreSQL.
postgresql  python  sql  documentation  reference  guide  tutorial  example  api  links  tornado.python  concurrency  github  opensource 
3 days ago by ezequiel

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