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Canceling Nested Kotlin Coroutines With CoroutineScope
In this article we'll see how we can simply cancel the parent coroutine with CoroutineScope and cancel all the inner children Jobs or async tasks as well.
kotlin  coroutine  scope  termination  hierarchy  howto  concurrent  programming 
4 weeks ago by gilberto5757
Kotlin Coroutines Concurrency - Kotlin Expertise Blog
Kotlin Expertise Blog - Coroutines Concurrency - Concurrency is not Parallelism - Kotlin coroutines focus on concurrency structure rather than parallelism
kotlin  coroutine  concurrency  parallelism  concurrent 
5 weeks ago by gilberto5757
Parallel Merge Sort in Java – Hacker Noon
Let’s implement a parallel merge sort algorithm in Java using ForkJoinPool.
mergesort  parallel  implementation  java  sort  algorithm  concurrent  concurrency 
6 weeks ago by gilberto5757
Nim programming language | Nim
The Nim programming language is a concise, fast programming language that compiles to C, C++ and JavaScript.
opensource  language  cli  concurrent  development  programming  dynamic 
8 weeks ago by e2b
concurrently - npm
Run multiple commands concurrently. Like npm run watch-js & npm run watch-less but better.
npm  node  parallel  concurrent 
9 weeks ago by mjs

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