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WinRed - Conservatives’ #1 fundraising technology
WinRed - Our technology changes how conservative & center-right groups fundraise online. Join now to start winning in 2020!
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10 days ago by mifepba
Victory Passport
Victory Passport is an easy, secure way to donate to candidates and causes that matter to you. One click to empower the Right.
conduit  pac  victory  passport  republican 
10 days ago by mifepba
Republican digital fundraising tool carbon-copies Democrats' ActBlue
In the past, small donations have barely mattered in most Republican campaigns. But is a new fundraising tool, mirrored on a Democratic equivalent, about to change the game?
campaign  financing  winred  actblue  victory  passport  republican  democrat  conduit  PAC 
10 days ago by mifepba
Installing PVC Conduit | The Family Handyman
Use THHN With PVC Conduit
Deburr PVC Conduit with a Utility Knife
PVC Conduit Doesn’t Need Primer
Install Electrical Boxes and PVC Conduit One Run a at Time
Cut PVC Conduit with a Circular Saw -- with a metal blade gives you a smooth, fast, burr-free cut.
Use Metal Locknuts with PVC Conduit
Bushings Protect Wires Inside PVC Conduit
electrical  conduit  howto 
may 2019 by briangrimshaw
MIT Spin off Supercomputing Startup Conduit Launches from Stealth
Founded in 2017 by MIT mechatronics and information theory graduate Ryan Robinson, Conduit wants to compete with behemoths like Amazon web services and Microsoft Azure. Currently, it has a staff of eight full-time employees.

The startup is currently working with mid-sized pharma companies in the Boston area but in the future plans to add clients in fintech, supply chain logistics and quantum computing.
decentralized  Conduit 
march 2019 by euler
Can you believe this was built out of electrical ? The Dance-a-Lotl is a four person, human powered, music…
conduit  from twitter_favs
march 2018 by briankb
You are probably heard about , or . Service mesh is a critical component of cloud-native. Le…
Linkerd  Istio  Conduit  from twitter_favs
january 2018 by
Buoyant Release New Kubernetes Service Mesh "Conduit" Written in Rust and Golang
Buoyant, the company behind the JVM-powered Linkerd service mesh, have released “Conduit”, a new experimental Kubernetes-specific service mesh, with the proxy data plane written in Rust and the control plane written in Golang. Conduit is not Linkerd 2.0. -- and targets a different use case -- and Buoyant have stated that they will continue to develop and provide commercial support for Linkerd.
january 2018 by lincze

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