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Washington | Project Summit BA World | PM BA Conferences
Project Management and Business Analyst Conference located in New Washington. Training for project managers and business analysts in Washington, DC.
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yesterday by enslrhs82
The Design Conference — Brisbane, Australia
The Design Conference is unlike any event you've ever been to. We discuss
more than the future direction of design — but what design means in the
minds and hearts of the worlds favourite creative leaders. By being open
and vulnerable, we engineer an experience which is designed to leave you
feeling moved, motivated and connected.
2 days ago by richardsison
The 3rd HistoInformatics Workshop (HistoInformatics 2016)
Copyright © 2016 for the individual papers by the papers' authors. Copying permitted for private and academic purposes. This volume is published and copyrighted by its editors. via Pocket
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2 days ago by kintopp
ESHS 2018: 19th century scientific correspondence networks | Darwin Correspondence Project
This session marks the formal launch of Ɛpsilon (, the first public release of a collaborative digital framework designed to recreate the 19th century network of scientific correspondence. via Pocket
cambridge  conference  history  letters  neuroscience 
2 days ago by kintopp

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