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Resilience: Building a Robust Web That Lasts by Jeremy Keith
Since 2006, the leading web design/front-end conference for mobile/UX/product designers & developers in Seattle, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Denver, DC.
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yesterday by adamghill
they say: PaperCall enables event organizers to easily manage their call for papers and talk submissions. Speakers are already using PaperCall to manage their talks, are you ready to hear from them?
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2 days ago by piperh
Modeling Minds
Embodied Cognition (EC) is an approach in cognitive science that distinguishes itself from more traditional approaches (such as the computational view on cognition) by both a set of commitments on what cognition is and a set of ideas on how it should be studied and what kind of explanations of cognition are acceptable. While pluralism in science can be beneficial, the breadth and depth of the differences between embodied and non-embodied approaches results in two distinct bodies of research that cannot be easily compared and evaluated side by side. Being still a minority view, the losing side of such a situation is EC.
In this workshop, we focus on the different explanatory methodologies in cognitive science specifically in relation to explaining social cognition. We will examine different ways of conceptualizing the explanatory target phenomena in the social domain and different ways of framing explanations thereof, such as the focus on the social experience, the autonomy of the supra-personal level of explanation or the interdependence between social activity and the embedding of cognitive systems in their shared physical environment.
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2 days ago by Vaguery "Die Kunstgeschichte auf der DHd 2020"
Von 2. bis 6. März 2020 findet die diesjährige Jahreskonferenz des Verbands der Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum - DHd 2020 in Paderborn unter dem Motto „Spielräume“ statt. via Pocket
arthistory  conference  dh  germany 
3 days ago by kintopp
Dr. Paul Heroux: la 5G et l'environnement
Le Dr. Paul Héroux présente les dangers de la 5G du point de vue de l'ingénierie chimique.
5G  Québec  montreal  science  video  conference  youtube 
3 days ago by amicalmant
Great opportunity for in data science! The Toronto Womxn in Data Science is March 2nd & 3rd, fea…
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3 days ago by firehawk12
closes 28/2/20 for presentations & posters at - our annual teaching . Focusi…
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5 days ago by tolkien
On Deconferencing – CogDogBlog
Important to consider the intersecting effects not just of carbon costs but also the time/money costs of traveling to meetings and whether we're doing it in the most effective way.
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5 days ago by npdoty
Save the date: HNR conference 2020, June 17-19 2020, Luxembourg – Historical Network Research
As the end of this year is closing in, we’re already looking forward to 2020: Save the date for the 6th Historical Network Research conference hosted by the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C2DH) in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg on June 17-19. via Pocket
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6 days ago by kintopp
College Art Association Annual Conference 2020: Digital Art History Sessions — INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR DIGITAL ART HISTORY
The CAA Annual Conference brings together over 5,000 art historians, artists, designers, and visual arts professionals in all stages of their careers. via Pocket
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6 days ago by kintopp

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