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june 2019 by mjr5749
Is the Confirmation Bias Bubble Larger Online? Pre-Election Confirmation Bias in Selective Exposure to Online Versus Print Political Information: Mass Communication and Society: Vol 0, No ja
The Internet era has often been blamed for a predominant engagement with attitude-consistent information among citizens (labeled confirmation bias), which is thought to hurt political deliberation. This study offers the first rigorous evidence suggesting that online news fosters greater confirmation bias than traditional media. A 2x2 within-subjects experiment presented political articles, varying stance (conservative versus liberal) and medium (online versus print); selective exposure was logged or taped. Data were collected during the U.S. 2016 presidential primaries. As expected in the pre-election context, partisans whose party was anticipated to lose the election (conservatives) did not exhibit confirmation bias. Liberals showed confirmation bias, but only online, suggesting print contexts reduce confirmation bias.
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march 2019 by paulbradshaw
Take Control of Your Learning at Work
Finding myself agreeing too much with this HBR piece about . Might be a sign of .
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august 2018 by enkerli

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