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Anatomy of a user research consent form
RT @userfocus: Anatomy of a user research consent form
ux  user  research  consent  form 
11 days ago by adrianh
Media/Pop Culture – Page 2 – Sociology In Focus
People, Things, and Our Sense of Self
By Daniel Núñez

In this piece Daniel Nunez uses the Tom Hanks movie Cast Away to illustrate Mead and Cooley’s classic theories of how each of us devel...

How to be Human: Lessons in Socialization from Elf
By Amanda Fehlbaum

In this piece, Amanda Fehlbaum uses the holiday film Elf to illustrate how people are socialized into their communities. It is the holiday s...

consent  SEX  societyinfocus  1013 
14 days ago by michaelvmiller
Privacy & Cookie Policy Generator | iubenda
GDPR stuff generator. Paid service, different levels. They do all the processing and remembering of users' permissions / consent
webdesign  web  design  webdev  cookie  policy  gdpr  consent  generator  privacy  comply  compliant  legal 
24 days ago by piperh
Thread by @Mooseplainer: "Part of my job involves hiding a microphone on a person to capture what they're saying. These are small radio microphones that I have to hid […]"

What is the point of the story?

Look, my job involves putting my hands in uncomfortable places and I'm not worried about Metoo wrecking my career. It is super easy to do it in a way that is also respectful and not at all inappropriate.
And men are worried they can't even talk to women anymore.
harassment  metoo  consent 
4 weeks ago by evilsofa
Sorry – but yet another #GDPR messag by @CeriStanaway
From dire warnings about missing out on awesome deals, to desperate and repeated pleas to not to leave, I reckon many companies have misjudged their GDPR messages.
GDPR  consent  email  marketing 
5 weeks ago by corrickwales

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