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Consent | Jack
Making the case for enthusiastic consent over just consent.
consent  BED  metoo 
7 days ago by atelathehun
2017 Sex Ed State Legislative Year-End Report
advocacy  mc  consent 
14 days ago by oati
Royal Mail fined £12,000 after sending more than 300,000 nuisance emails | ICO
Royal Mail fails to argue that price drop emails, sent to those who had explicitly opted out of marketing emails, were a service message not requiring consent rather than marketing
consent  pecr  regulation  ICO  email  marketing 
14 days ago by corrickwales
Four Ways to Fix Facebook — ProPublica
James Grimmelman, a law professor and computer scientist, argued in a 2015 paper that the technology companies should stop burying consent forms in their fine print. Instead, he wrote, “they should seek enthusiastic consent from users, making them into valued partners who feel they have a stake in the research.”
facebook  platform  regulation  consent 
18 days ago by jomc

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