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How blind reverence for science obscures real problems
In actual fact, “social justice” jargon wasn’t enough — as the hoaxers initially thought — to deceive, but sprinkling in fake data did the trick better than jargon or political pieties ever could. Like Ocasio-Cortez’s critics, who trust too easily in the appearance of scientific objectivity, the hoaxed journals were more likely to buy outrageous claims if they were backed by something that looked like scientific data. It’s not that the hoax was an utter failure, nor that we shouldn’t worry about the vulnerabilities it exposed. It’s that, ironically, scientism and misplaced scientific authority actually contribute to those vulnerabilities and undermine science in the process.
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20 days ago by Vaguery
A crisis of conservatism creates gridlock on both sides of the Atlantic - The Washington Post
British and American conservatism is morally bankrupt. The pursuit of power is all that remains.
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22 days ago by Membranophonist
RT : Amazing how few conservatives understand what actually is

Conservatism, as a movemen…
Conservatism  from twitter
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