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Terminal front-end component written in JavaScript that works in the browser.
console  terminal  javascript 
15 hours ago by hayzer
Windows Command-Line: Introducing the Windows Pseudo Console (ConPTY)
One of those weaknesses is that Windows tries to be "helpful" but gets in the way of alternative and 3rd party Console developers, service developers, etc. When building a Console or service, developers need to be able to access/supply the communication pipes through which their Terminal/service communicates with command-line applications. In the *NIX world, this isn't a problem because *NIX provides a "Pseudo Terminal" (PTY) infrastructure which makes it easy to build the communication plumbing for a Console or service, but Windows does not ...

... until now!
windows  wsl  linux  console 
3 days ago by davidmat
Curses Programming with Python — Python 3.7.0 documentation
This document describes how to use the curses extension module to control text-mode displays.
python  console  cui  curses  api  tutorial 
6 days ago by aeng
Angular Console
The Power of the Angular CLI. The Convenience of an App.
angular  cli  console  macos  windows  gui  javascript  programming  web 
7 days ago by vicchow

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