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Conspiracy Theories by Cass R. Sunstein, Adrian Vermeule :: SSRN
An especially useful account suggests that what makes (unjustified) conspiracy theories unjustified is that those who accept them must also accept a kind of spreading distrust of all knowledge-producing institutions, in a way that makes it difficult to believe anything at all.22 To think, for example, that U.S. government officials destroyed the World Trade Center and then covered their tracks requires an ever-widening conspiracy theory, in which the 9/11 Commission, congressional leaders, the FBI, and the media were either participants in or dupes of the conspiracy. But anyone who believed that would undercut the grounds for many of their other beliefs, which are warranted only by trust in the knowledge-producing institutions created by government and society. How many other things must not be believed, if we are not to believe something accepted by so many diverse actors? There may not be a logical contradiction here, but conspiracy theorists might well have to question a number of propositions that they seem willing to take for granted. As Robert Anton Wilson notes of the conspiracy theories advanced by Holocaust deniers, “a conspiracy that can deceive us about 6,000,000 deaths can deceive us about anything, and [then] it takes a great leap of faith for Holocaust Revisionists to believe World War II happened at all, or that Franklin Roosevelt did serve as President from 1933 to 1945, or that Marilyn Monroe was more ‘real’ than King Kong or Donald Duck.”23
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11 hours ago by craniac
Konspirationsteorier – ett vapen för sluga maktspelare
Auktoritära ledare världen över använder konspirationsteorier för att utöva sin makt. För att förstå vår tids politik måste vi förstå lockelsen i att se världshistorien som en enda sammansvärjning, skriver Rasmus Fleischer.
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5 days ago by mikael
Free Speech Scholars to Alex Jones: You’re Not Protected - The New York Times
Digging in to the legal difference between an "opinion" and a "false statement of fact"
law  rhetoric  conspiracy 
7 days ago by jbushnell
Did CIA cause Chernobyl nuclear disaster?
Reed said he obtained CIA approval to publish details about the operation. The CIA learned of the full extent of the KGB's pursuit of Western technology in an intelligence operation known as the Farewell Dossier. Portions of the operation were disclosed in a 1996 paper by Gus Weiss, a technology and intelligence expert who was instrumental in devising the plan to send the flawed materials.
cia  conspiracy  imperialism 
7 days ago by foliovision
Was The Chernobyl Disaster a Revenge for The Russian Woodpecker?
“In order to disrupt the Soviet gas supply, its hard currency earnings from the West, and the internal Russian economy, the pipeline software that was to run the pumps, turbines, and valves was programmed to go haywire, after a decent interval, to reset pump speeds and valve settings to produce pressures far beyond those acceptable to pipeline joints and welds,” Reed writes.

“The result was the most monumental non-nuclear explosion and fire ever seen from space.” US satellites picked up the explosion.

“While there were no physical casualties from the pipeline explosion, there was significant damage to the Soviet economy.”
imperialism  russia  cia  conspiracy 
7 days ago by foliovision
The Strange Conspiracy Theory Behind Jaden Smith's New Album - Noisey
"Smith was alluding to a conspiracy theory that, on its fringes, brings in Nazi mind-control, the Illuminati, the cosmos, and Renaissance art. He was, as ever, trying to see if he could save the world."
conspiracy  music 
7 days ago by jbushnell
How can we even talk about politics knowing a Coup d'etat was done in the 60s where they killed our President and other major leaders? : conspiracy
Upvoted: It is blatant and obvious if you look at history. They killed JFK, his brother Bobby who WOULD have very likely became President. MLK.... and many many other civil rights leaders and people speaking for the working class. Ever since that major point in history it has became clear many in our government serve someone other then the regular working people of America. via /r/conspiracy
ifttt  reddit  conspiracy 
7 days ago by lepht
Wtf. The Hague city councilor dead after vlogging that she was raped by Muslim gang. : conspiracy
Upvoted: This should raise red flags. A councilor of one of the world's most renowned cities and center of international justice is dead after saying in video that she was raped my a Muslim gang who threatened her not to say anything. Now the official story is that she killed herself. What is going on? via /r/conspiracy
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7 days ago by lepht
Conspiracy poster links to CDC website showing Chinese Hamster Ovary is a vaccine ingredient, within hours the CDC PDF has been edited removing the ingredient, but fortunately is still visible in the Google cache and on to backup the OP : cons
Upvoted: It looks like we either have the CDC here with us or operatives in contact with them.Here is the post which triggered the change on the CDC website Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell proteins in the "Shingles Vaccine." wtf..? C'mon people wake upWithin hours a poster appeared accusing the OP of editing the screenshot, people checked and the CDC PDF was not showing the Chinese Hamster Ovary ingredient, initially this caused some confusion.Fortunately other posters checked in the Google cache and could see that the OP had been right, the document had been changed. Also had a copy of the original document, which also backed up the OP.So once again we see that the CDC doesn't want us to know the truth, they will use whatever dirty tactic necessary to trick us into accepting their vaccines. Just like when they were caught changing their Polio statistics to make them sound more scary. via /r/conspiracy
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7 days ago by lepht

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