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Hubble Measurements Confirm There's Something Weird About How the Universe Is Expanding
New results from the Hubble Space Telescope have deepened one of the biggest mysteries in astronomy.
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7 weeks ago by gdw
Salta la bomba a í i, per extensió, a l'Arquebisbat de : l'Església i veïns van encobrir tocamen…
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february 2019 by deckard67
Constant width to height ratio
nice bit of css that maintains aspect ration and allows content in the div, BUT, if content is larger than the div you have to deal with overflow, or the div will grow, thereby spoiling the aspect ratio. Image is best as background img.
webdesign  web  design  code  coding  css  width  height  ratio  aspect  constant  maintain 
november 2018 by piperh
Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System - The Donella Meadows Project

(in increasing order of effectiveness)

9. Constants, parameters, numbers (subsidies, taxes, standards).
8. Regulating negative feedback loops.
7. Driving positive feedback loops.
6. Material flows and nodes of material intersection.
5. Information flows.
4. The rules of the system (incentives, punishments, constraints).
3. The distribution of power over the rules of the system.
2. The goals of the system.
1. The mindset or paradigm out of which the system — its goals, power structure, rules, its culture — arises.
systems  complexity  process  reading  leverage  point  weakness  dimension  constant  measure  monitor 
august 2018 by ramses0

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