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Consultation on Licence Fees for Fixed Point-to-Point Radio Systems - Spectrum management and telecommunications
The radiocommunication industry has evolved dramatically over the last 20 years and will continue to transform with 5th generation (5G) technologies. These technologies are expected to support innovative and data intensive applications within most industries while fostering smart city development.
Canada  2019  spectrum  fee  consultation  ISED 
6 weeks ago by stevesong
Consultation on the Spectrum Outlook 2018 to 2022 - Spectrum management and telecommunications
Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (hereinafter referred to as ISED) recognizes that rapid growth of innovative technologies and services are driving the digitization and automation of every sector of the economy. In support of Canada’s Innovation and Skills Plan, and with a focus on ensuring that Canadians can benefit from world-class networks and advancements in new digital technologies and services, ISED acknowledges that as the demand for digital connectivity gro...
Canada  government  2018  spectrum  outlook  consultation 
10 weeks ago by stevesong
Increasing the minimum notice period for a no fault eviction | GOV.WALES
We want your views on increasing the notice a landlord must give when seeking to end a contract.
wales  consultation  section-21 
12 weeks ago by guildrl
A new deal for renting: resetting the balance of rights and responsibilities between landlords and tenants - GOV.UK
This consultation seeks views on implementing the government’s decision to remove Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 and improving section 8 eviction grounds.
consultation  section-21 
12 weeks ago by guildrl
Consultation on global action to address discrimination based on work and descent held in Senegal (IDSN News)
On April 9-11 IDSN supported the Dakar Consultation on Global Partnership and Joint Actions in Addressing Discrimination based on Work & Descent – DWD, Untouchability, Contemporary Forms of Slavery and Analogous Forms of Discrimination that looked at caste and analogous forms of discrimination across the world to ensure joint actions and strategies to combat this form of discrimination. Information was shared and new initiatives formed and at the end of the consultation a Declaration was published as well as a summary report.
globalsolidarity  descentbaseddiscrimination  ncdhr  consultation  caste  2019  slavery 
july 2019 by idsn
Almindelige Fonde og Faglige Foreninger – Karnov Group
Titlen ”Almindelige fonde og faglige foreninger” signalerer, at forfatteren denne gang har valgt at koncentrere lovkommentaren om de ikke-erhvervsdrivende fonde og de faglige foreninger. I lighed med tidligere har forfatteren foretaget en undersøgelse af administrativ praksis siden den forrige udgave, og undersøgelsen danner med lovændringerne i 2014 grundstammen i bogen.
EAMI  consultation  todo  2get 
june 2019 by slmeyer

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