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Hip to this video from Internetting with Amanda Hess. What a video. All the little regional Wisconsin details make it, the repetition of “Appleton, Oshkosh, Green Bay,” the Packers, the vowels. And peach Bellini is just such a funny serious of sounds.
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5 days ago by madamim
When Malls Saved the Suburbs From Despair - The Atlantic
And yet, the concept is not all that different from Victor Gruen’s original vision for the shopping mall. A place to gather, a place to shop, a place to relax, a place to live. The mall was and remains horrible in some ways, but useful and even magical in others. It yoked people to commerce, but it also gave them tools with which to manage that harness, to loosen it enough to live somewhat peacefully, even while collared to capitalism.

I can’t help but think that Americans’ days of hating the mall are numbered. When it gets replaced by Apple Town Squares, Walmart Supercenters, and the online-offline slurry of an ever-rising Amazon, we will miss these zoos of capitalism, these prisons of commerce, where consumerism roared and swelled but, inevitably, remained contained.
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5 days ago by petej
MythBusters’ Adam Savage on the tech he carries everywhere
Well, one of them is that there are almost no pockets in this bag. That’s by design. I found that when there are a ton of pockets in a tool bag, you grab it, and you put all your stuff in it, because you think, “Oh, all these pockets can hold my stuff!” And then you look at the bag, and you don’t know where stuff goes. You have no idea that you have a tape measure because you put it in a thing, and you forgot about it. So, to me, pockets are like drawers. They are places that you go to lose stuff.

If you’re doing a really, really job-specific execution of something, then initial special compartments for everything you need are totally reasonable. But for general-purpose bags, I don’t think pockets are that useful, so I removed almost all of the pockets from this. I did include Velcro strips at the bottom so that one could potentially add in sorters for different use case inserts into this bag. And I have one big pocket, big enough for a good sketchbook and a couple of other things, which holds three pencils and two Sharpies.
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5 days ago by aleksandrxyz
The Constant Consumer — Real Life
Amazon’s mission is to make customer identity more primary than citizenship
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8 days ago by jorgebarba
A history of happiness explains why capitalism makes us feel empty inside - Vox
“Instead of obsessing over the self-actualized perfected person, maybe we should care more about equality, community, vulnerability, and empathy.”
Happiness  Materialism  Consumerism  Capitalism 
12 days ago by Membranophonist
Why our individualistic culture makes us unhappy - Vox
Swedish researcher Carl Cederström on how corporations redefined happiness and turned hippies into Reagan voters.
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14 days ago by jorgebarba

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