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Container Query Discussion | CSS-Tricks
Right now, we have the power to write CSS that only applies when the browser window itself is at certain widths or heights. Breakpoints, as it were. Super useful. What we don't have (natively) is the ability to write conditional CSS based on any particular elements (or "containers") properties.
CSS  container  queries  element  EQ  width  media 
2 days ago by fjordaan
A standard library for distributed system development
cloud  programming  deployment  container  kubernetes  docker  library  nodejs 
2 days ago by e2b
GitHub Predicts Hottest 2018 Open Source Trends
"The hottest project and community results in 2017, then, would logically foretell growth areas and trends for the coming year. This is what emerged:

Cross-platform development: Projects focused on cross-platform web development experienced the largest growth in activity. The most-starred projects related to Angular, React and Electron, all of which attracted significantly more visitors and contributors in 2017. In particular, Angular/angular-cli more than doubled its contributor base over the past year.
Deep learning: The number of visitors to TensorFlow also more than doubled in 2017, while the TensowFlow/models repo’s visitorship more than quintupled. Keras and Mozilla’s DeepSpeech also saw significant increases in contributions and visitors."
analysis  research  top  stories  angular  container  ecosystem  deepspeech  development  docker  education  electron  github  keras 
2 days ago by jonerp
Containers Patterns
compares patterns how to create containers
docker  container 
4 days ago by Finkregh

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