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Hyundai Veloster To Appear In 'Ant-Man' Movie 01/16/2018
A display at the auto show shows the Hyundai Veloster will be featured in “Ant-Man and the Wasp,” which will be in theaters July 6. 

“Teaming up with this major franchise is part of a global marketing initiative to launch the newly redesigned sporty coupe while increasing Hyundai's brand awareness with Marvel fans around the world,” the automaker said in a statement. 
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2 hours ago by automotive
Lexus Highlights Third Row In RXL Campaign 01/16/2018
Lexus is focusing on the “logistical liberty” that three rows can offer in a multi-faceted campaign for the RX 350L and RX 450hL.

Available in six- or seven-passenger capabilities, the new RXL models will retain the RX's sophisticated features while providing more room for the unexpected.

The campaign from Team One targets the modern family who values the luxury of space and flexibility for whatever life throws at them, said Cooper Ericksen, Lexus vice president of marketing.
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2 hours ago by automotive
Toyota Named North American Launch Partner for Inaugural Season of Esports’ Overwatch League | Toyota
As part of the partnership, Toyota and the Overwatch League plan to develop an exclusive series called Access Granted that will present behind-the-scenes content to the community, centered around the unique journey of the esports athlete. The series, produced by Blizzard Entertainment’s MLG division, will air featured clips in live matches that promote the series. The featured clips will include players driving Toyota vehicles to and from the competition at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles, where all regular-season games of Overwatch League will take place.
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2 hours ago by automotive
Super Bowl LII Preview: Is Auto Running Out of Gas? | Special: Super Bowl - AdAge
After a six-year post-Recession stretch in which the auto category absolutely dominated the Super Bowl ad field, car spend retreated last year, with major marques like Toyota and Nissan sitting out. While automakers pumped $70.7 million into Fox's coffers, that marked a 38 percent decline from the $113.4 million in car bucks that the net snared just three years earlier. Two weeks after the U.S. auto sales posted their first annual decline in eight years, Lovinger assured reporters that "auto is particularly strong," although buyers suggest that the category is unlikely to rebound to mid-decade levels. Thus far, Lexus, Toyota, Hyundai and Kia are the only nameplates to confirm that they'll suit up for the title tilt. Honda has said it will sit out after appearing last year.
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2 hours ago by automotive
Volvo Is the Narrative Vehicle Driving The Goldman Brothers’ Flashy New Music Video – Adweek
It’s always fun when brands start experimenting with content that people might want to consume, as opposed to stuff made to interrupt what they’re actually looking for.

Following in the footsteps of brands like Morton Salt, Volvo has thrown its weight behind “Call My Name,” a music video for The Goldman Brothers. Directed by Tal Zagreba of Great Guns, the work features Israeli star Yuval Scharf of McMafia behind the wheel of a Volvo V40.
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2 hours ago by automotive
Hyundai Will ‘Surprise Millions’ With Its Super Bowl Ad, Says New Teaser – Adweek
The teaser will also be available for viewing online and on the brand’s social channels. It suggests a kind of follow-up to last year’s “A Better Super Bowl” from Hyundai agency of record Innocean, with the brand promising to “surprise millions.”
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2 hours ago by automotive
Subaru’s Doggie Drivers Are Back, and Just Rollin’ Along, in New Ads – Adweek
The Barkleys, Subaru’s family of dogs that drive like people—well, better than some people we know, actually—return in four comical commercials that broke during the Screen Actors Guild Awards telecast last night.
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2 hours ago by automotive
How Brands From Subway to Maserati Are Using Instagram Effectively – Adweek
Brands like Maserati are reaching millions of new potential customers through Instagram and Facebook by taking their minds on a little journey. Recently, the luxury car company developed a two-phase video campaign to introduce their new Levante SUV and generate fresh leads. The elegantly produced videos showcased the car’s spacious interior, modern console, red leather seats and, of course, the always gratifying round-the-corner-slow-mo driving shots.
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2 hours ago by automotive
How to: Install Kodi on Chromecast - Home Theatre - PC & Tech Authority
stream Kodi content to your TV through Chromecast, but the solution is far from elegant.
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6 hours ago by kilroy2
“The question isn’t simply, 'Are you creating epic, high-quality ?'
It’s, 'Are you creating *the right kind…
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6 hours ago by pamneely
HQ Trivia officially launches UK version
HQ Trivia, the wildly popular smartphone quiz show game, is officially launching in the UK. A Blighty-specific version of the game quietly launched a couple of weeks ago, but it was unclear whether this was merely an experiment with providing region-specific content, or the company had plans to make a longer-term commitment.

Now, we know it’s the latter. The main host of the UK version is Sharon Carpenter, who regularly appears on the main game as a replacement for Scott “Quiz Daddy” Rogowsky.
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16 hours ago by dancall

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