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The next hot job in Silicon Valley is for poets - The Washington Post
SAN FRANCISCO -- Until recently, Robyn Ewing was a writer in Hollywood, developing TV scripts and pitching pilots to film studios. via Pocket
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No one Gives a Sh*t About Your Content…and What to do About it
It’s easy to fall in love with our own products, our own brands and our own ideas. via Pocket
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i forgot to welcome the new confab followers

get ready for
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A gallery of data for designs
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Netflix debuts choose-your-own-adventure stories for kids | TechCrunch
Netflix today announced the debut of “interactive” stories on its service – a sort of choose-your-own-adventure style of storytelling, where viewers get to decide what happens next. The new stories, whose development was rumored earlier this year, will initially cater to Netflix’s younger viewers, the company says, noting that kids in particular are already inclined to “play” with their favorite characters, as well as touch and swipe on their screens.

That decision doesn’t necessarily rule out bringing a similar format to adult viewers at a later date, but Netflix hasn’t yet announced any plans in that area.

The first stories available include “Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale,” which launches globally today, and “Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile,” which hits on July 14. The third branching narrative, as Netflix calls these stories, is “Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout,” which will arrive sometime next year.
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The Star Wars guide to NPS - Typeform blog
It’s okay if you answered “no.” It’s not easy to reach that level of brand obsession. Of course, if you answered “yes,” then congratulations—your brand is legendary.
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Discover How To Explore Your Competitors’ Most Valuable & Build Better
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UX Writing: How to do it like Google with this powerful checklist
With this checklist, you’re on your way to make your product stand out with language.
Standout UX Writing Checklist
User First: Focus on your users
Clear: Write in a language free of jargon, and with context
Concise: Write in a style that’s efficient and scannable
Useful: Write in a way that directs the next action
On Brand: Define your brand voice and apply an appropriate tone
User First: Choose language that performs, proven by research and A/B testing
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