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Why goroutines are not lightweight threads? – codeburst
GoLang is gaining incredible popularity these days.
One of the main reasons for that is the simple and lightweight concurrency in the form of goroutines and channels that it offers to the developers…
go  golang  goroutine  thread  lightweight  article  important  blocking  context  switching  register 
8 days ago by vonc
Laziness Does Not Exist – E Price – Medium
I’m a social psychologist, so I’m interested primarily in the situational and contextual factors that drive human behavior. When you’re seeking to predict or explain a person’s actions, looking at the social norms, and the person’s context, is usually a pretty safe bet. Situational constraints typically predict behavior far better than personality, intelligence, or other individual-level traits.
context  attractors  socialpsych 
11 days ago by zryb
Laziness doesn’t exist
“If a person’s behavior doesn’t make sense to you, it is because you are missing a part of their context.”
lovefirst  procrastination  context  research  laziness  psychology  important 
12 days ago by KuraFire
Simple Golang HTTP Request Context Example · Paul Fortin
mux := http.NewServeMux()

mux.HandleFunc("/", StatusPage)
go  golang  http  context 
23 days ago by emluque
History and matter for is one conclusion from first panel discussion on…
context  entrepreneurialsocieties  from twitter_favs
24 days ago by dkirsch
The value of raising the threshold of crappiness | The Spectator
reliable business improves things in unexpected ways
-Uber makes public transportation more attractive (if train is cancelled I can uber)
-having chain restaurants means local ones have to at least be as good as their standards
context  comparison 
5 weeks ago by braziljosh

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