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Le destinataire inconnu, ou la communication sociale – L'image sociale
On retrouvera au théâtre, et plus particulièrement dans ses formes populaires, comme le théâtre de rue, une gamme similaire de stratégies d’interaction avec un public composite.
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october 2018 by yorksranter
We Are All Public Figures Now – Ella Dawson
"As the content creator of this media circus, Blair is responsible for the behavior of its fans. When faced with the opportunity to discourage their privacy violations, she has done the opposite: “I’m sure you guys are sneaky.”" - knowing how to lead and moderate a community can be useful even if it's not your job.
planebae  roseyblaire  elladawson  contextcollapse  sousveillance  society  privacy  behaviour  norms  public  private  up-to-us 
july 2018 by danhon
”I tweet honestly, I tweet passionately: Twitter users, context collapse, and the imagined audience” by danah boyd and Alice E. Marwick
Social media technologies collapse multiple audiences into single contexts, making it difficult for people to use the same techniques online that they do to handle multiplicity in face-to-face conversation. This article investigates how content producers navigate ‘imagined audiences’ on Twitter. We talked with participants who have different types of followings to understand their techniques, including targeting different audiences, concealing subjects, and maintaining authenticity. Some techniques of audience management resemble the practices of ‘micro-celebrity’ and personal branding, both strategic self-commodification. Our model of the networked audience assumes a many to-many communication through which individuals conceptualize an imagined audience evoked through their tweets.
contextcollapse  socialmedia  twitter  sociology 
october 2017 by beep

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