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ContraPoints in LA Times
Another interview with the Youtube philosopher / transgender activist
contrapoints  lgbt  fascism  politics  tootme 
9 weeks ago by nelson
ContraPoints interview
Current Affairs talks to Natalie and it is awesome
contrapoints  interview  currentaffairs  culture  politics  lgbt  tootme 
10 weeks ago by nelson
Incels | ContraPoints
the farthest i've gotten to learning about incels

“To incels, their worldview seems ironclad. It has built-in defenses against anyone who would try to change their minds, so if you want to understand incels, and in particular, if you want to understand why their community produces so many mass murderers, you have to understand that the black pill is more than the dogma that you can’t get laid. It’s also the dogma that because you can’t get laid, you can never be happy. So what we have in our hands here is more than a bunch of angry internet misogynists. It’s at worst a kind of death cult complete with an eternal hell and an omnipotent enemy.”
contrapoints  natalie_wynn  incels  youtube 
march 2019 by skwak
Contrapoints interview
Thoughtful dialog on American politics, Youtube radicalization, and the aesthetic century
contrapoints  america  politics  youtube  aesthetics 
december 2018 by nelson
ContraPoints profile
Another nice interview / description of what Natalie Wynn is doing
contrapoints  criticism  culture  feminism  transgender  lgbt  tootme 
november 2018 by nelson
About ContraPoints
Year old article about the YouTube phenom, a leftist transgender philosopher who is hilarious
youtube  contrapoints  trans  lgbt  transgender  tootme 
november 2018 by nelson
The Thinkery Podcast #13 - Contrapoints
Discussing fascism, black lives matter, family and moral imperatives with Contrapoints.
Youtube  Sargon  Contrapoints  dv  Left  Right  AltRight  AltLeft  Nazis 
october 2017 by walt74

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