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Deconstructing Google’s excuses on tracking protection
Blocking cookies is bad for privacy. That’s the new disingenuous argument from Google, trying to justify why Chrome is so far behind Safari and Firefox in offering privacy protections. As researchers who have spent over a decade studying web tracking and online advertising, we want to set the record straight.

Our high-level points are:

1) Cookie blocking does not undermine web privacy. Google’s claim to the contrary is privacy gaslighting.
2) There is little trustworthy evidence on the comparative value of tracking-based advertising.
3) Google has not devised an innovative way to balance privacy and advertising; it is latching onto prior approaches that it previously disclaimed as impractical.
4) Google is attempting a punt to the web standardization process, which will at best result in years of delay.
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3 days ago by cdzombak
Chromium Blog: Potential uses for the Privacy Sandbox
some neat ideas in here, alongside some assertions about “problems” that only an advertising company would think browsers need to solve.
google  google-chrome  privacy  tracking  advertising  adtech  cookies 
3 days ago by cdzombak
As Cookies Crumble, People-Based Marketing Puts Audiences Front and Centre |
The cookie, long used as a primary tool in the ad tech armoury for tasks such as behavioural targeting and frequency capping, is befalling a death much like its namesake biscuit. At this stage it may not have disintegrated, but it has certainly been dipped in a hot brew. The perceived lack of alternatives has worsened existing fractures in the media landscape and a succession of pivots, though many have been left wondering where to head next.

Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Richard Ottoy, VP of publisher development (EMEA), OpenX, discusses how people-based marketing can bridge the fractures and ensure programmatic continues to fulfil marketing needs.
targeting  future  cookies  adserving  technology  identity 
5 days ago by dancall
Soft and Chewy Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies | King Arthur Flour
These humble cookies may seem old-fashioned, but their signature oatmeal cookie flavor and soft/chewy texture never go out of style.
recipes  KingArthurFlour  cookies 
9 days ago by amoore

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