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Copyright Advisory Services Home | Columbia University Libraries
Copyright Advisory Services supports Columbia faculty and students in understanding copyright and how it relates to their work, course materials, and scholarly communications. See Copyright Basics for a primer.
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1 hour ago by basemaly
'Copyright's True Purpose Is Dead, It Never Existed' - TorrentFreak
According to the US Constitution, copyrights exist to "promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts." It's meant to facilitate and encourage artists to create content, which the public can enjoy. But is this how copyright still functions today? Texan A&M law professor Glynn Lunney Jr doesn't think so.
We’re all familiar with the statement that piracy is “killing” the music industry.
It’s one of the main arguments used to argue in favor of stronger copyright enforcement and legislation.
The underlying idea is that strong copyright protection ensures that artists get paid. More money then opens the door to more artistic creations. But is that really the case?
Glynn Lunney Jr, law professor at Texas A&M University, has his doubts.
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2 days ago by rgl7194
We’re excited to teach students today about , , and other legal is…
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2 days ago by tweetotaler
Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria - The Atlantic
You’d get in a lot of trouble, they said, but all you’d have to do, more or less, is write a single database query. You’d flip some access control bits from off to on. It might take a few minutes for the command to propagate.
TheAtlantic  Google  books  copyright  grade_A  education 
2 days ago by Marcellus
Morten Nielsen on Twitter: "To use my oven I have to accept terms and conditions @internetofshit… "

"To use my oven I have to accept terms and conditions @internetofshit… "
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3 days ago by edsonm
Fans howl over taking down World Cup Twitter posts for copyright issues
I was interviewed for this piece on FIFA takedown notices and the wider issue of automated #copyright enforcement
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3 days ago by paulbradshaw
Monolith is a simple tool that takes two arbitrary binary files (called a Basis file and an Element file) and "munges" them together to produce a Mono binary file (with a .mono extension). Monolith can also reconstruct an Element file from a Basis file and a Mono file.
copyright  opensource  philosophy  encryption 
5 days ago by snafubar
YouTube Launches "Copyright Match" Tool to Protect Initial Uploaders - TorrentFreak
Copyright Match, which uses similar technology to YouTube’s Content ID system, is designed to detect re-uploads of content to other channels. Once a user uploads a video, YouTube will scan subsequent uploads to see if they are the same or “very similar” to the original.
If a match is found, the original uploader will receive a notification in his or her YouTube panel which will give them several options.
The first option for a user with a ‘match’ notification is to do nothing, something that may come in handy for someone who simply wants to spread a message as far and wide as possible.
The second possibility is to get in touch with the secondary uploader. This could lead to a productive discussion (such as a gentle request to remove the video, perhaps) or, quite possibly, something a little more aggressive.
Finally, users can simply ask that YouTube takes the video down, an option that comes with options of its own.
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5 days ago by nicoladagostino

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