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The Educator’s Guide to Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons – The Edublogger
Understanding digital copyright is an essential skill we need to understand and teach our students. With this post, we hope to dispel a few myths and pull together a complete list of resources for teachers and students to use when blogging and working with content online.
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yesterday by timstahmer
Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria
The irony is that so many people opposed the settlement in ways that suggested they fundamentally believed in what Google was trying to do. In hindsight, it looks like the classic case of perfect being the enemy of the good: surely having the books made available at all would be better than keeping them locked up—even if the price for doing so was to offer orphan works for sale.
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2 days ago by miletich
deAuteurs: Dossier: Wie is auteur

Het is niet altijd gemakkelijk te bepalen wie (co)auteur is van een auteursrechtelijk beschermd werk. Zeker wanneer meerdere personen bijdragen tot de creatie van dat werk. Niet iedereen kan zich zomaar coauteur noemen. Enkel zij die een wezenlijke bijdrage leveren aan het originele werk worden in principe als auteur aangeduid.
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2 days ago by WimLeers
Termination of Transfer (CC)
Creators of all kinds routinely transfer rights to their works (by signing publication contracts that assign copyright to their publishers, for example). While many of these agreements last “for the life of copyright” (which under current United States law generally means seventy years after the author dies), the law takes into account that these terms can ultimately be unfair to authors and artists. This is where “termination of transfers” come in.

In the United States, authors can use the termination of transfers laws to regain the rights they have signed away. Authors Alliance and Creative Commons developed this tool to raise awareness of the law and its importance to creators who want to share their works widely.
3 days ago by emerysnyder
How the judge on Oracle v. Google taught himself to code - The Verge
Judge William Alsup taught himself to code for fun in the 1980s. Now he's the judge on Silicon Valley's biggest cases.
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3 days ago by basemaly

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