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"Upphovsrätten har blivit en bromskloss i informationssamhället - sänk gränsen till fem år"
Inget område är så befäst av samhällskontraproduktiva särintressen som rätten till ett verk. Skyddet uppkom under 1800-talet för att säkra ekonomisk avkastning från ett alster. Då behövdes långa skyddstider för att säkerställa att skaparen fick skälig avkastning på sitt arbete. På den tiden tog det en månad att åka till Amerika och ett brev till Japan släpptes inte ens in i Japan. På 1800-talet tog det år att distribuera böcker, och de levde längre som produkter. Författare kunde inte tjäna pengar på TV-shower, synas på reklampelare eller moderera konferenser. De levde av böckerna enbart. Så är det inte i dag.
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3 hours ago by mikael
The European Union Versus the Internet
It follows that Facebook’s ultimate threat can never come from publishers or advertisers, but rather demand — that is, users. The real danger, though, is not from users also using competing social networks (although Facebook has always been paranoid about exactly that); that is not enough to break the virtuous cycle. Rather, the only thing that could undo Facebook’s power is users actively rejecting the app. And, I suspect, the only way users would do that en masse would be if it became accepted fact that Facebook is actively bad for you — the online equivalent of smoking.
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10 hours ago by motiveunknown
Hollywood is famous for its overaggressiveness on , but apparently also with . Now going after…
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yesterday by andriak
60 minutes proving De La Soul is one of hip-hop’s greats—but its legacy is in danger
Thanks to a messy thicket of legal entanglements involving sample rights and intellectual property clearance questions, nothing before the band’s 2004 release The Grind Date and the 2016 Kickstarter-funded ...And The Anonymous Nobody are available on Spotify or other streaming sites. It’s not for lack of trying; the group has been fighting lawyers, lawsuits, and former label Warner Bros. for years to try and clear the way to post its music on digital platforms, to no avail.
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yesterday by meemiko
DRM Frequently Asked Questions | Defective by Design
Why DRM is bad for both consumers and producers of content.
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yesterday by chrismyth
5 Lawsuits That Could Reshape the Art World in 2018 - Artsy
Even after the 2013 case, the judge in Graham v. Prince found Prince’s total and full use of Graham’s image—without any alteration beyond adding some Instagram comments—does not lend itself to a clear-cut fair use argument. The case will now proceed to trial. If Prince loses (a big if) and the ruling is upheld on appeal (an even bigger if) the resulting precedent could reign in the broader fair use interpretation afforded to artists by the earlier ruling.
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2 days ago by oripsolob
Graham v Prince SDNY 1:15-cv-10160, July 18, 2018 | Fair Use | Federal Rules Of Civil Procedure
"Because Prince has reproduced Graham’s portrait without significant aesthetic alterations,
Untitled is not transformative as a matter of law. Moreover, Untitled [Richard Prince's Gagosian Gallery piece] is a work made with a distinctly commercial purpose; Graham’s original Rastafarian Smoking a Joint is, without question, expressive and creative in nature; Prince’s use of the entirety of Graham’s photograph weighs against a finding of fair use; and the Complaint adequately alleges usurpation of the primary market for Untitled. Accordingly, Prince’s motion to dismiss the Complaint is denied."

Again, the suit proceeds forward, but it's unclear if the suit was actually successful.
2 days ago by oripsolob
Exploring the Bounds of Fair Use: Graham v. Prince
Caution: "Since 2013 the Copyright Alliance has partnered with New York based Cravath, Swaine and Moore LLP to assist in finding potential clients for an externship program at Columbia Law School to provide pro bono legal representation to individuals and small businesses in lawsuits involving cutting edge copyright issues. This case was one of the cases selected through that program."

Does not say whether the case AGAINST Prince was successful; importantly, that Prince's motion to DISMISS was not successful. Hmmmm...
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2 days ago by oripsolob

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