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RT : EU countries have just endorsed the reform. Italy, Poland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Finland voted…
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RT : German justice minister (responsible for ) says she was personally against , but the German gov…
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The Verge’s Weird YouTube Copyright Strike Saga, Explained
Just days ago, online tech news and review publication The Verge found itself embroiled in a fiasco over YouTube copyright strikes issued against several tech YouTubers. What followed was widespread furore in the tech community against The Verge’s perceived mishandling of the issue, with the Editor-in-Chief Nilay Patel lashing out against naysayers in a series...

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The  Verge’s  Weird  YouTube  Copyright  Strike  Saga  Explained 
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RT : Read the full statement of the 5 countries who voted against the deal. Shameful for Germany to vote in f…
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EU Commission calls opponents of Copyright Directive a "mob," as thousands take to the streets for the #Artikel13Demo / Boing Boing
The EU Commission has been forced to retract a Medium post in which it patronised and dismissed opponents of the controversial Article 13 proposal that will force platforms to surveil and censor users' postings with copyright filters, calling them a "mob."

The Commission characterised the opposition as being stooges for Google, hoodwinked by the company to carry water for it, despite the fact that Google has quietly supported the idea of filters as an acceptable alternative to other forms of regulation (Facebook, too, has supported the proposal).

The Copyright Directive -- which contains the offending Article 13 -- is coming up for a vote this spring, just before EU elections; the Commission has, it seems, chosen a side in that vote and is attempting to sideline and marginalise EU voters who might put pressure on their elected representatives.

The Commission's piece has been removed (read an archived copy here), and replaced with a message that blames readers for not understanding it correctly.
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RT : While negotiators are working on finding a compromise for the directive we analysed the current proposal…
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