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The average cable bill is now $107 a month, up more than 50% since 2010
The average monthly cost households pay for cable is now up to $107, much of which is due to hidden fees, taxes, and equipment costs.
ISP  corporateConsolidation  corporateCorruption 
11 days ago by joeybaker
Motorola Becomes First Smartphone Company to Sell DIY Repair Kits to Its Customers
As Apple continues to fight independent repair, Motorola partners with iFixit and supports the right to repair movement.
casteingTheLowerClass  casteingTheMiddleClass  corporateCorruption  win 
19 days ago by joeybaker
New York Attorney General Subpoenas Industry Groups, Lobbyists Over Fake Net Neutrality Comments
The New York Attorney General’s office has subpoenaed “more than a dozen telecommunications trade groups, lobbying contractors and Washington advocacy organizations,” the New York Times reported on Tuesday, seeking to determine whether they were behind the flood of fake public comments submitted before the Federal Communication Commission’s decision to revoke net neutrality rules last year.
netNeutrality  corporateCorruption  corporateLies  judicialImpotence 
25 days ago by joeybaker

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