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Small-Town Ingenuity Is Making Gigabit Broadband a Reality
Opinion: Surprise! Some of the fastest internet in the US is found in tiny communities.
ISP  corporateCorruption  corporateIndemnity  localizedGovernment  win 
24 days ago by joeybaker
Largest live exporter of livestock in Australia hit with permanent ban after being found guilty of cruelty: 1.5 million sheep have died on their vessels due to extremely hot and brutal conditions.
The company at the centre of a horrific live exports scandal involving the deaths of thousands of sheep at sea has had its licence to export animals permanently cancelled.
corporateCorruption  climateChange 
27 days ago by joeybaker
2 Wall Street banks made millions selling the collapsing shares of MoviePass' parent company, as their analysts kept 'buy' ratings on the cratering stock
As investors in MoviePass’ parent company — the Nasdaq-listed Helios and Matheson Analytics — have seen the value of their stakes nosedive as much as 99.99% in recent months, two Wall Street banks have made millions in fees selling the stock.
bankIndemnity  corporateCorruption 
5 weeks ago by joeybaker

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