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Russian-Style Kleptocracy Is Infiltrating America
Long before suspicion mounted about the loyalties of Donald Trump, large swaths of the American elite—lawyers, lobbyists, real-estate brokers, politicians in state capitals who enabled the creation of shell companies—had already proved themselves to be reliable servants of a rapacious global plutocracy.
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5 hours ago by blamb
Emails reveal coordination between Chao, McConnell offices
Chao has met at least 10 times with politicians and business leaders from the state in response to requests from McConnell’s office.
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12 hours ago by joeybaker
Trump obstruction
More details on Trump's various illegal and unethical attempts to disrupt the investigations into his crimes
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yesterday by nelson
Whats Behind The Unusually High Number of Dead Ukrainian Politicians? - News Punch
Then on Thursday, around lunchtime, two masked assailants gunned down Oles Buzyna, a writer and former newspaper editor, in the courtyard of his building.
corruption  cia  nato  ukraine 
yesterday by foliovision
America’s signature mode of transportation is high-cost rail • Hmm Daily
Jacob Bacharach:
<p>This demonstrable ability of other nations to build public works at reasonable—or at least bearable—cost puts lie to the most common excuses for the cost and complexity of American transit projects. America is densely populated and right-of-way property is expensive here? Same goes for Western Europe. America is big? So is China. Unions? Europe, again. You can easily believe that the unique combination of these exacerbating factors of cost and distance would lead to a state where American rail would be the most costly in the world. But more costly by an order of magnitude?

American infrastructure is this costly because of immense, endemic, universal public-private corruption—systems of both direct and financialized graft at every stage of infrastructure development, from the planning to the ribbon-cutting to the use of deferred maintenance to ransack public transportation budgets for cash, year after year, after which the responsible authorities claim that fixing the century-old signals is just too damn pricey. This system of legal fraud begins with the bevies of project consultants, continues through ludicrous private contractor and labor costs, and continues when, years later, high-paid administrative fixers and new armies of consultants and contractors arrive to fix what broke because it was never maintained. It is a system of tolerated kleptocracy that may be the only thing that America still does better than anyone else in the world. It is baked into every assumption about building for the public benefit.

You will of course notice that the responsible scolds saying of a 400-mile railroad, It cannot be done, were not so much in evidence when TransCanada and ConocoPhillips, for example, ran the Keystone Pipeline across 2,000-plus unfriendly miles.</p>

I liked his description of Megan McArdle as "a self-styled contrarian libertarian who writes well-actually columns for the Washington Post in the style of a 'For Dummies' book".

Which reminds me, isn't the US due another infrastructure week real soon now?
corruption  engineering  infrastructure 
yesterday by charlesarthur
North Carolina Election Board Finds Evidence Of Significant Fraud To Help GOP Candidate
The board’s executive director said an operative for candidate Mark Harris tried to conceal illegal acts with absentee ballots.
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yesterday by joeybaker

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