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2018-Mar: Human Longevity, Inc. Launches New Health Nucleus Products
"The HNX Membership product is $4950 for the initial membership and $2950 for subsequent years and includes whole genome sequencing, advanced whole-body MRI (non-contrast), with eight other important tests.

The HNX Platinum Membership is $25,000 for the initial membership and includes two additional years of membership. Subsequent years membership is $6,000. In addition to whole genome sequencing and MRI, the platinum product also includes 15 other tests."
longevity  test  scan  physical  cost 
yesterday by dandv
QLBS: Q-Learner in the Black-Scholes(-Merton) Worlds
Interesting source in DH for a slightly simpler setting which is viewed as a benchmark for other RL aglos.
coink  risk  management  hedging  transaction  cost  reinforcement  learning 
3 days ago by paunit
Arkwork – Arkwork Cost Action CA15201
Archaeology is everywhere. Archaeological knowledge and knowledge of archaeology is relevant in different sectors of life from scholarly research of the past and land development to schools, museums and local community groups. via Pocket
archaeology  cost 
10 days ago by kintopp
How Much Maintenance Is a Cat?
Cats may be lower-maintenance than dogs, but how much upkeep do they really need?
cats  cost  maintenance 
18 days ago by Adventure_Web

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