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MOB Barcelona | Coworking in Barcelona
a coworking space with more aspirations. Also sell an agency service. 3 locations in Bcn
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2 days ago by piperh
How Did WeWork’s Adam Neumann Build a $47 Billion Company?
Nine years ago, Adam Neumann discovered he could make office spaces fun and charge extra for the “community.” How did he build WeWork into a $47 billion company? Not by sharing.
bizarre  coworking  cults  corporate.cults 
4 days ago by po
The Best Coffee Shops For Getting Work Done - New York - The Infatuation
The wheel wasn’t invented in an office. It was created by a bunch of cave people, and those guys worked remotely. They were entrepreneurial. Respect, cave people. Nowadays, however, times are hard for the freelance worker.
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6 days ago by dvand5
New York City’s Finest Workspaces With Free WiFi? Hotel Lobbies.
Freelancers in New York know how hard it is to find a free workspace that doesn’t suck. Coffee shops are either too crowded or too loud. You also can’t sit there all day with just one cup of coffee. But here comes the saving grace: hotel lobbies.
Archive  coworking 
6 days ago by dvand5
Manhattan hotel lobbies that double as creative work spaces | Travel
Skip the hassle of squeezing into a barstool in an overcrowded coffee shop and instead enjoy the expansiveness and free Wi-Fi of any of these hotel lobbies. They are not only known for having communal workspaces but also welcome non-guests to enjoy their facilities.
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6 days ago by dvand5
They See It. They Like It. They Want It. They Rent It. - The New York Times
Environmental sustainability is mentioned by companies and consumers alike when they tout these services, but many customers view that as a perk rather than a driving force. Even when REI, the outdoor equipment retailer, surveyed its current and potential customers about rentals, their top motivators were to try new regular and seasonal activities without committing to purchases. Environmental impact ranked sixth on the list of motivations.  miki-reynolds  furniture  rentals  clothing  housing  coworking  sapna-maheshwari  fernish  rent-a-center  lili-morton  armoire  the-riveter  michelle-pelizzon  rent-the-runway  jennifer-hyman  le-tote  caastle  wework  rei  eric-artz  joymode  joe-fernandez  amiah-sheppard  backstage-capital 
6 days ago by yolandaenoch

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