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Who Would Have Thought an iPad Cursor Could Be So Much Fun? | WIRED
What if you were able to invent the cursor today? Start over? A rare opportunity in the world of computers, but the iPad and its operating system have had the strangest of trajectories.
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14 days ago by jarrettfuller
Craig Mod, "Running a Paid Membership Program"
"To conclude on pricing, let me just reiterate a point that may have been lost above: I believe it’s better to charge more and figure out how to “reach” that value than to charge less."

"I am tremendously grateful to everyone who has joined. I realize not everyone can afford to join, and I realize we’re all a bit bombarded by “memberships” and “subscriptions” these days. But ultimately — this is a good thing! A scant ten years ago this ecosystem barely existed. Now it’s ever-more normalized. This feels healthy. Directly supporting writers, artists, musicians, software developers, et cetera, feels like the final remaining puzzle piece of the last 30 years of independent creation. Computers democratized design in the ’80s/’90s, the web democratized publishing in the ’00s, and now proper payments infrastructure is democratizing creative sustainability."
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9 weeks ago by briansholis
Process: Words and Pictures and Walking - Craig Mod | Roden Explorers Archive
As I walk I take notes (when working on a piece or more generally, as a diary). I use Apple’s for capturing location and interview details, and for snapping reference photos — in the case of this piece, photos of each kissa and meal. It’s the best, simplest solution I’ve found for quickly doing this kind of note taking with images, and syncs well between laptop and phone. also works fine with Siri’s dictation functionality, so I dictate even more notes as I remember details throughout the day.

The editorial goal for Lesley was to produce a solid draft before I finished the walk, but — surprise! — for a number of reasons, that didn’t happen. While I didn’t have a draft, I did have about 3,000 words in pidgin notes, had visited several dozen kissa, and had written several false starts to the essay by the time I returned home. (We’re into June now.)

Considering my trove of collected background, I broke out some index cards, writing on each one the name of a kissa or owner worth mentioning, grouping them into various hierarchies of remarkable or delicious, placing them up on my giant blackboard with magnets into two groups: “to-do” and “drafted.”

To minimize the work paralysis of immediately turning these twenty or so note cards into a single cohesive narrative, I set about simply writing vignettes for each card, moving them from the “to-do” pile to “drafted” group. As I worked through the vignette, themes began to emerge: Showa design, shutter towns, depopulation, the creation and dissolution of … uhm … cultural emblems? Stuff like that.

I then made note cards for those themes, placed them up on the blackboard as a reminder to weave them into the larger narrative, or at least explain them, somewhere, somehow.
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december 2019 by jarrettfuller
The one Airpods usability flaw: they overindex for the last-connected-to-device.

If last_device = ipad, but the iPad is locked and closed and in a bag, and I'm holding my phone, the ideal would be that Airpods assume the phone is the thing to connect to.

Otherwise, flawless?

— Craig Mod (@craigmod) December 28, 2019
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december 2019 by mjtsai
Walk 997 kilometers in Craig Mod's shoes | The Japan Times
How should people answer the “where are you from” question? I always give extra context, quickly: “Well, I was born in so-and-so, but I’ve been living here for 20 years.” Asking where someone “is really from” can be hurtful. I don’t think this is really understood in Japan. And so: I love to flip the equation, to ask “Where in Japan were you born?” to people who are clearly non-Japanese, but who seem to have been living here for a long time. Living in Japan as non-native, it’s probably the first time they’ve ever been asked that question. It never ceases to delight. In a homogenous society, being considered an insider — even if it’s performative and from a place of knowing, almost like a wink — can be a tiny gift of being made to feel not The Other, if only for a second.
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december 2019 by mayonissen
My HomePod randomly stopped responding a few weeks ago. Apple repair cost: $290. A ridiculous device. Added an SL to my One and now enjoying functional stereo sound.

— Craig Mod (@craigmod) December 14, 2019
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december 2019 by mjtsai
For all of Apple's gatekeeping, the App Store is pretty gnarly and feels like it's full of grift. Mainly, this seems to be an issue of ad-driven models. I'd love to search for *only* paid software, no-in-app-purchase software.

— A Walking Homonoid (@craigmod) October 31, 2019
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october 2019 by mjtsai
iPhone 11 Pro Photography, Backup Strategies, Ursula Le Guin
Craig Mod writing mostly on night photography but some mentions of backup, Backblaze, e-ink, etc.
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october 2019 by beery
Craig Mod, "Media Accounting 101"
"Publishing has always been a game of competing for attention. Any number of media inventions have threatened to finally eviscerate the book market: radio, movies, television, et cetera. But smartphones tip the scales unlike any previous object. They do so by placing into our pockets a perfect, always-at-hand vector for lopsided user contracts, arriving in the form of apps and websites.

These suboptimal contracts are most obviously exaggerated in what I call “appholes.” That is, any app / service / publication whose business is predicated on keeping a consumer engaged and re-engaged for the benefit of the organization (often to the detriment of the mental and physical health of the user), dozens if not hundreds of times a day."

"'Media accounting' is a kind of self-awareness. This kind of accounting is necessary for us to understand where objects like the book fit into contemporary life. Understanding the objective contracts into which we enter, how they may have come about, and how they’re evolving helps us demystify why physical books (and, similarly, vinyl, analog film, et cetera) not only remain compelling, but become more compelling the more their digital twins grow vast and fuzzy."
CraigMod  RodenExplorers  publishing  apps  economies  attention  books  2019  2019-09 
september 2019 by briansholis
To make a book, walk in the woods with a book — Craig Mod — On Margins
We finished the book. We thought, “Well, if we’re going to do print on demand, why don’t we take this as an opportunity to see how far we can push the print on demand medium.”

Now why make an object? Why do you make that thing? Why print it out? This is the thing that was irking about those other walks. You do a walk. You have this experience, and then it disappears. How do you give edges to something that fundamentally doesn’t have an edge, that doesn’t have a container around it?

All you can do, the best you can do is do an edit of that experience. You can call some subset of moments and try to put them into a thing, into an object, an artifact, something that’s immutable that you can hold in your hands, and you can say this, “This is what we did. This is what that was.”

There’s something powerful about that, about taking an experience, taking the edgeless thing, giving it edges, putting it into an artifact, and putting that out in the world. In fact, just 30 minutes ago on this trail, I bumped into two people, two angels traveling from London, but both expats, one from Perth and the other from Italy, Sally and Francesco.

There’s something to be said about walking the same path over and over again. Same as it is to be said about reading the same book over and over again. The only real reading is rereading. The only real walking is probably rewalking.
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september 2019 by Katchoo

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