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The Online Photographer: Best Comment Ever
"The problem is that photography has always been a technical pursuit and the mediating technology required to make a photograph has always threatened to overwhelm it. To quote Donald Kuspit, 'Technology is the last valiant attempt to discredit and devalue the unconscious.... The unconscious is the bête noire in a scientifically and technologically managed world, which is why it must be killed or at least ostracized.' The endless upgrade cycle, the more and more laborious and tedious mastery of imaging software, the solid belief in technical improvement and control as a means to achieve success, all of this leads one further and further away from any possibility of making original or authentic work. This is the bind of the technology treadmill. What it gives, it also takes away. So in digital photography we have an inherent pitfall in the photographic process married to the culturally dominant fixation with technology and control which are themselves obstacles to the unconscious, the very source of creativity itself."

Fantastic quotation and comment from David Comdico over at TOP. I feel this applies hugely to electronic music, too.
art  photography  technology  creation  unconscious  mediation 
7 days ago by infovore
How to build rpm packages |
Save time and effort installing files and scripts across multiple hosts.
rpm  package  creation  tutorial  linux 
7 days ago by gilberto5757
"To comprehend and cope with our envi- ronment we develop mental patterns or con- cepts of meaning. The purpose of this paper is to sketch out how we destroy and create these patterns to permit us to both shape and be shaped by a changing environment. In this sense, the discussion also literally shows why we cannot avoid this kind of activity if we intend to survive on our own terms. The activity is dialectic in nature generat- ing both disorder and order that emerges as a changing and expanding universe of mental concepts matched to a changing and expand- ing universe of observed reality." - yes, by John "OODA LOOP" Boyd
johnboyd  ooda  uncertainty  destruction  creation  order  disorder  observations  reality 
25 days ago by danhon

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