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Turner prize winner Charlotte Prodger on gender confusion, ‘filthy’ iPhones and solitude | Art and design | The Guardian
Compared with other shortlisted artists, it might seem domestic, interior – but it is no less political and no less of the moment. Filmed around her flat as she recovered from surgery, and in Scotland’s forests and on its simmering grey seas, it explores her own queer identity in a way that touches on deep history, wide-open landscapes and the politics of isolation and connection, separation and union, quoting from her own diaries as well as drawing on other texts such as Julian Cope’s The Modern Antiquarian.
art  creation  dislocation  disassociation  video  iphone 
19 days ago by emmacarlson
Proxmox 4.2 - creation of a bridge using PVE - YouTube
Proxmox 4.2 - creation of a bridge using PVE
Proxmox  4.2  -  creation  of  a  bridge  using  PVE  1st  2nd 
4 weeks ago by kilroy2
IKEA effect - Wikipedia
The experiments by Norton and his colleagues demonstrated that self-assembly affects the evaluation of a product by its consumers. The results suggest that when people construct a particular product themselves, even if they do a poor job of it, they value the end result more than if they had not put any effort into its creation

Gibbs and Drolet (2003) showed that raising consumers' energy levels can persuade them to select experiences that involve greater effort. But companies have been warned not to challenge consumers too much, lest they be unable to complete a task and thus end up dissatisfied.
ikea  pyschology  creation 
4 weeks ago by libbymiller
Create and Edit Video Ads Online - ViddyAd
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video  ad  content  creation  mediashift 
4 weeks ago by kpieper876
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Enabling individuals and businesses to easily create professional videos for successful online marketing
mediashift  video  content  creation  marketing 
4 weeks ago by kpieper876
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mediashift  content  creation 
4 weeks ago by kpieper876
Internet Marketing Services | SEO Marketing
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content  creation  mediashift 
4 weeks ago by kpieper876
Melissa says…
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content  creation  ideas  mediashift 
4 weeks ago by kpieper876

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