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Patterns of Intuition - Musical Creativity in the Light of Algorithmic Composition | Gerhard Nierhaus | Springer
Editors: Nierhaus, Gerhard (Ed.)

Provides new insights into musical intuition and its possible formalization
algorithmic  composition  creativity  musical 
21 hours ago by gdw
What Is a Literary Novel? | HuffPost
Most definitions of what constitutes a literary novel stress that the subject matter is strong on character and irony, with lesser emphasis on pure plot and offers more serious explorations of the human condition and is, therefore more meaningful and more philosophical.
novel  writing  creativity  book 
yesterday by leehopkins
8 of the Best Cargo Vans to Buy This Year | Positive Solutions
Just over 10 years old, this is a popular model, and it's now available with a 2.5 litre turbo diesel engine. For tradies wanting something a bit more comfortable than standard cargo vans, the Hyundai iLoad/H350 offers a touchscreen interior and good quality materials.
novel  creativity  writing  book  van 
yesterday by leehopkins
Why the Writing in Season 8 of 'Game of Thrones' Feels Off | WIRED
I think this nails it.
It all comes down to how stories are crafted, and for that, we need to start with two different types of writers: plotters and pantsers. Plotters create a detailed outline before they commit a word to the page. Pantsers prefer to discover the story as they write it—flying by the seat of their pants, so to speak.
writing  fantasy  got  creativity  television 
yesterday by jefframnani
The Complete Guide to Deep Work (including a step-by-step checklist)
How to master the #1 job skill that will never be obsolete.

The concept was coined by Cal Newport, a renowned author and computer science professor at Georgetown University, in a 2012 blog post and expanded upon in his 2016 bestselling book, Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World.
work  productivity  article  deepwork  creativity  innovation 
yesterday by cyberchucktx
Putting the Soul in Console
A look at the new Playdate console.
2 days ago by raygrasso
The Real Reason Fans Hate the Last Season of Game of Thrones - Scientific American Blog Network
Well-run societies don’t need heroes, and the way to keep terrible impulses in check isn’t to dethrone antiheros and replace them with good people. Unfortunately, most of our storytelling—in fiction and also in mass media nonfiction—remains stuck in the hero/antihero narrative.
storytelling  television  fiction  identity  nonfiction  relationships  writing  politics  creativity  narrative  sociology  language  story 
2 days ago by allaboutgeorge
At BMI Pop Awards, Sting, Imagine Dragons, Martin Bandier Accept Kudos – Variety
There’s something mysterious and powerful encoded inside that form of verses, choruses, a middle eight and a coda. This form somehow gives people comfort and solace in the most dire circumstances — personal, emotional, political. Whatever is encoded in that form is immensely powerful. And our job as songwriters is to work within that form and create touchstones in the emotional landscape and memories of those who listen, creating a semblance of all that out of apparent chaos.
songwriting  music  creativity  culture  rock  pop 
2 days ago by allaboutgeorge

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